Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MY 2010!

Hello! Today i will summarise MY 2010 in one post for you!

Basically MY 2010! wasn't anything special but it was still something that I can look back at!


1st day of school and created my resolution for the year and my SO SORRY post!
read this for more info!
So sorry post!

It was the month that I prepared with a rush for a card for someone whom I will miss!

for more read person that I will miss!

Its the month that I was having kinda confused, i think.
once again
* no pictures for this month!

The hectic month! This month was full of school events, was rushing like hell for them all!
Fun and games day!
Just click on the link and there will be tones of pictures that will pop out!

A month that was full of girls drama! I was practically in a cold war with my twin for nearly 2 weeks.
But now we are okay! we now look like this!
read this:decisions.
* I know i look horrible but who cares! as long as my twin looks awesome!

It was the month were I was just plainly updating as I need to keep this blog alive!
I was blogging crap all the time!
July was the month that i was rushing for auditions and all but we didn't succeed!
 read more: updates ,updates.

It was the month that I started posting up tutorials.
I also got into another web argument with another girl too, don't talk about that anymore it was hell!
And also the month that I made my first business sucessful online!

It was a month where I discovered original music by youtubers were awesome!
This guy JianC made my day up till now with his song!
I also just realise that my blog were like dead in september because there was only ONE post!

This month was a month that I made friends with some Japanese and also a month that I posted up a video that received some  complimentable comments.
More friends!
Hanie's birthday video!

WOAH! this month for me was the month that my parents and my sis say I got no life month!
I was basically video taping myself as I was doing 3 makeup tutorials!
This month also a month that I discovered myself that I was good in taking photos too!
redlips tutorial.
finally December!
It took me years to do this! I am so happy! it took me like 3 hours!

This month is the month of the season! It was also the holidays month where everybody will celebrate Christmas with there love ones, including me! Its also the time where people rush to the shopping malls as MYES! was around the corner!
This month also a month that I made criticisms and also adverts la.
Ahhhh, besides also a month that I was going the most one la, cooking sessions and all.
*pics will be up soon, in progress editing.
laurierXsofy=NO MORE PAIN!
girls please use deodorant!
Cooking session.
Christmas 2010!
* best pic so far with her!
I love this pic as if makes me look as if I got sharper chin!

in conclusion,
I LOVE 2010 as it was awesome!
It was filled with pain, tears , happiness and all!
It was just a year full of everything!
MY 2010 will be one of the most memorable ones, i think.

I am looking forward to 2011!
I want to challenge myself more with more challenging things!
In a few more days 2010 will say byebye to us and 2011 will say hihi to us!
So lets cherished the last few days of 2010!

I want to thank all who have made my year 2010 awesome!
I also want to thank all those who I have made friends through online and offline.
Not to forget, to thank this awesome blog as it allows me to blog about everything on earth that I want!


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  1. heheheh. your summary of 2010 smells like YOUTH!!

    i have a lot of conflicts with myself and others as well when i was young ( =.=) which is... a few yearssssss ago..

    hahaha. love the way you Recharge and Recover from it.

    continue with your cheerful style! =D



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