Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday.A busy one.

Today was SMSM Interact Club's International Understanding day  also known as I.U. Day.
All the interactors of the school must reach by 830 in the morning the least by 9.
Cause registration is at 9 in the morning.
There was this guy from Wesley came super early then slowly the people came but in the beginning was super worried nobody will come cause some goverment schools have to go back to school to do some replacement. Thank God that there was alot of people than we expected . Then saw some guy who is super cute but nevermind main point is not that is below::

Accesories: Left frm Axezz and Bracelet from Girls.

Nail colours costs only Rm3.90 each and scrubber for RM6.90 and Nail buffer
for 2 only RM4.90. All from SASA!


I also bought a sharpener and a japanese sweet too.
Also a calendar and a magazine.

Saw this at the display window of ISETAN. Its so pretty!

-Will talk more about I.U. in the next post and please go to for the POPTEEN MAY 2010.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

The pain that a girl has to walk through.

Every human being has to go through their own pain.
SO do girls!
As a girl, as a daughter as a friend  and as a student there are different kinds of pain to go through.
After writing this post, I will put up a sorry post once again to apologize to what i have done.
A girl have to go through pain such as emotional, friendship , studies and menstrual pains all the time.
As in emotional, we cry easily. Don't see some girls that who don't cry as strong, they are weak in the inside! They don't want to let others see them cry because they don't want to upset people.
Friendships is not as easy as you want them. They come to you cause God provided you with them! Friends are essential, without friends live is pointless! Do bare that in mind! Friends do everything, they do it and they say you copied them or what not they are still friends so forget about what they say and go ahead to talk to them once again.
Studies, is essential too. Its not easy to do it but if we strive for it you will get it! Scholarships are not as hard as you think , just do it because you don;t want to allow your parents to suffer anymore. Studies give stress but there's nothing we can do because as a student this is all we have to go through so just do it like the nike slogan.

-do understand a girl pain, walk through with them if you can if you can't pray for them and this is good enough!-
-Do show your love by talking and smiling at them!-

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Marjolica Marjorca-Lash enamel glamour

Hello peeps!
I am so getting this::
This is so awesome!! I am getting this and so putting this on the blog and with a tutorial i hope but i highly doubt I will do so. Just stay tune la, i might do it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wesley Methodist School's International Understanding day. 15/4/2010

Hello. So this post is about WMS I.U. day.
It wasn't that great as I expected but was not that bad la. The performance that I like most was the Pandora Box Style dance, it was the best performance throughout the event.
We reached there and the president of the club shooked our hands and invited us up to the hall and we registered and paid RM6 for the ticket and we entered. While entering, we get some bookmarks and their handmade i mean HANDMADE! Then while we were waiting to be seated , i saw some primary school friends of mine and some childhood friends la.
Then the event started. We started of by singing the national anthem and the interact song then the rotarian gave a speech. After the speech they had their own production on "clash of the titans" which was so-so only then the Pandora Box Style dance then followed up by the duet performance. After that, the I.U. director gave her speech then the token of appreciation are being given out then everybody left then I saw some church friends and we talked abit then we gone down to the canteen to have some greek food then me and sis left.

The sketch:
clash of the titans

Pandora Box Style Dance:

Decorations and services:

frm left: ticket , bookmarks.

*Wesley 2nd home?
*SMSM I.U. costume.
*Wesley VS SMSM's I.U.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The worst day I ever had in my life!

Hello people!
Today I didn't attend school due to heat stroke.
Thanks to yesterday la thats why i got it and didn't attend school.
Okay la, not sooo bad as i thought cause i qualified!!
After 6 years in not running being an athlete , i qualified so i guess I am NOT BAD!!!
Now, I got body aches, headaches and muscles crams cause of the stupid sports selection yesterday at this so called mini stadium at taman sri permaisuri. It was hot like hell yesterday and wherever MARK house is placed we are forever being shined by the sun, poor mark house but then we will for sure this year!! So get going MARK HOUSE i will always support you!!!
So we departed from school at about 745 -800 and then we reached at 830 in da morning and then we started all the running, long jummpings and all and then we had our break. Jessie,Andrea and Me ate fried rice that was bought by Jessie which her mum made it early in the morning. Arigatou Gozaimasu Aunty and Jessie!!! It was so nice then we ate alot of stuff during break cause Charmange but who cares we get advantage of her mini fan!! Sugoi!!!
Then we headed back to school which we had out lunch extended till 150 then lessons goes on but we didn't bother at all then the interactors headed to WESLEY'S I.U. day. I followed Yao Hong's car there and tada we reached there at 345 and when we reached the interactors there came and greeted us and we headed into the hall. I met some friends there and my sisters friends after a few years. Their I.U. day was not so bad but it didn't meet up to my expectations so ya la. The picture below is the girfts and tickets when you get there and they give you:

If you want to know more about the Wesley's I.U. day please come back .

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tomorrow will be a dreadful yet fun day!

I am back peeps!! I know I am lame.
So, tomorrow will be a dreadful yet fun day ! Why?
Cause we will be under the sun at the stadium for a sport selection and then after that will heas back to school to study for like 2 periods i think then the interactors will head off to WESLEY's I.U. day.
So, of course I will be going cause i won't want to miss this great chance to social with other peeps right so its a great oppurtunity.
I am so not running tomorrow cause sports is never my thing but when i was in my primary school it was an exception!
I am starting to grow older and so of course things change and I changed to become a not sporty person. haha^^ i know i am a lame-o!!
So, will be blogging more about later when I head back with some other stuff regarding Wesley's I.U. and all so please do come bac and please click click on the ADS!! If you click it will be much appreciated!

Sunday, April 11, 2010



Sunday 11-4-2010

I don't know why I put that as the title but i guess its just a title so it doesn't really matter and cause i didn't do much today anyway.

So , today is a Sunday. Actually we suppose to go to church as all christian and catholic does but today cause papa was sick and we were all so tired after a tiring day yesterday so we just stayed home and read the bible. After that, we went for lunch at a coffee shop near the mall which serve good fish head noodles and bak kut teh and the price is seriously amazingly cheap! Then we headed off to Pavillion- Lavender bakery to get bread for school and normal breakfast too. We spend 30 bucks on just bread and we also got donuts too, yummy!!!

The list of breads we bought( some are cakes) haha^^
-bamboo charcoal bread
-crispy coffee bread
-cheese cakes sticks
-rocky bun
-seaweed roll
-peanut dorayaki
-an english loaf bread.

DONUTS, anyone?
-Miss Green Tea 2

so this is what we bought and cause our mama to pay 37.50 in total!! Sorry mama for spending so much just on bread and donuts.

Peekchass for the day
in the car was bored so take pictures to kill time.^^

At home, while waiting for sis to be ready so take pix to kill time also!^^ lame i know!

*next post
*wesley's I.U. vs SMSM I.U.
*Wesley 2nd home??
*SMSM I.U. day costume.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Interact Uniform

Hey peeps!!
So, changed blogskins and added creditors cause of certain personal reasons.Don't ask!
So, below there is peekchass on Interact uniform the formal one not the semi-formal one!
D 1st peek.

D 2nd peek.
Its a better shot can see the shoes!

The SHOES!!!
its from vincci and it cost RM79.90 with a 20% discount so its not that expensive!!

Not that bad rite?? But the skirt is not this skirt la I just subtitued it with a school like skirt. So i guess will be going to WESLEY's I.U. day in this next Thurs and I can wait!!! WESLEY HERE I COME!!!!

Shirt: Padini office wear RM69.90
Skirt-Padini office wear RM 69.90
Shoes- as mentioned Vincci RM79.90 with 20% off.

* nest post will be on SMSM I.U. day costume!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do you love our MOTHER EARTH?

Do you love our MOTHER EARTH?

Nowadays we are always hearing news like : earth quakes , floodings , and so on. You know all of us don't want this to happen ever again right?

I am sure you people out there loves to camwhore or even take pictures of the beautiful scenaries that GOD created long time ago and you would want to be like Alice who can wonder around in a beautiful place like ALICE IN WONDERLAND, right? 
That's true!! Below are pictures that will lead you through brieftly on what everyone out there loves to do and this is how we people LOVE NATURE!


Like the beautiful sunset that everyone loves  especially the lovers who loves to cuddle to do so!


Besides, you also don't want to miss the oppurtunity to be standing in between the flower paddys to enjoy the breezy wind as well right?

And also, not to forget the beautiful trees that we have.
WAIT! now we have not much trees with plenty of leaves but trees like this!

So, if you don't want tress like this than start loving everything, everywhere and everyone by spreading the word
By saying this the world will be better than it used to be! Besides this also tells you that by loving our mother earth we should use RECYCLED PRODUCTS instead!! So, this is what SLOGGI is doing! SLOGGI's new product is not using the kind of products that will cause you skin allergies anymore but it helps you heal them by giving you more comfort!

and by doing so this will remind people of SLOGGI and by thinking of SLOGGI you think of MOTHER EARTH!!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Only Human-K

Hello, its GOOD FRIDAY today!! So that means, easter in just around the corner! Sugoi!!!
So what with the title ONLY HUMAN-K??
Its just a song that totally blows me away everything I listen to it and I will think of the moments in the drama One litre of tears. Its a super nice story like seriously who will still enjoy their life when they get some kind of disease that is incurable? Who? tell me!

The song is super nice and the lyrics  are super touching and its really awesome!! I will so put a link below for you to download the song and for the lyrics there will also be a link.

Lyrics:only human-K
Song-mp3-Only human-k

Thursday, April 1, 2010

To whom I cherish.

To you, whom I have not met yet,
the one I cherish,
This is the first time that I am writting to you.
Normally I wouldn't be able to say it because I am too shy,
But i have something to ask you so I wrote this to you:
I want to send these words to you whom I like and cherish,
I want to love you more than to be loved,
Althought, I am someone who is irresponsible and not someone who you can depend on,
I want to love you more than you love me,
And I seriously want to protect you.
Right now, I am still a child who can't support you but
I would like  be a man who can  protect you.
So, until then please wait for me.
To you whom I have not met yet and the one that I cherish.

haha, you would think why am I typing this but wouldn't it be nice that someone who likes you say this to you?? I really really like this!!!
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