Saturday, February 28, 2009

Exam is coming!!!

Exam is coming , i have to study hard right now!!!!
When i score great grades i can get a phone!!!!!!!!
i have to study for my sejarah , its the words test ever!!!

And ..... i think the results for probationary prefects are coming out !!!
I will post it later!!!

I was just droppin by actually!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

changing glosses!

changing glosses??0o.. I was changing glosses for the past few gathering with family and friends.Why?? Because i am afraid of somebody, i guess?? i have 20 glosses in my pouch, at first i was putting the strawberry flavoured lip balm on the top before the DIOR strawberry flavoured gloss, then when i see some people start coming in then i am dead, i started changing gloss and one of my cousin asked me what happen to you stop changing gloss it is irritating . but i said i can't stop, but at last wen that person came and talk to me i stop immediatly!! How silly and stupid!!

I have to know the answer why you guys hate me.

i have lots of problems nowadays, people hate me and my friends but never knew why. i really want to know why sometimes but some people just becuase of a little problem they hate me without telling me why and because of that i 'm speechless. I also wanted to know but now i guess whatever i say it is wrong and people will do something or say something so i rather not ask anymore.Can anyone tell me why you guys hate me, is it without reason or you guys hate me with a reason??

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life must go on...

Alot of people really lefted me speechless but i realise that without these people i still have to move on with my life.Not much i can do to change my life but as long i know i have to change myself so other people have to try excepting me as that i am me. There's a tag that always used by my friend sister, she always say that" if life let you down, don't let life down". i have always agree with her, because i think it is true. Life always have to go on, no matter what it still have to go on with it. When anyhting happens belive that you can do it and GOD will help you beside you also can call to GOD by remembering him with this verse : CALL TO ME AND I WILL ANSWER YOUAND TELL YOU GREAT AND UNSEARCHABLE THINGSYOU DO NOT KNOW. JEREMIAH33:3.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I am now speechless.

I have nothing to say now.

i am feeling really down cause of 3 guys, they are bothering me much!!!

Two of them are from school , and the other one is from somewhere.

One of them never did say a thing but i feel really bad i just have no idea why?? I don't like him at all but i just have nothing to say.

The other one, he ain't single anymore, he just turn into a someone's MAN!!

CNY Celebration

Today got CNY celebration, got lots of people. Got lots of program, the emcee's were Hun Shen and Clament, the photographer was Gin Fai and Paul. There were lots of program on the list, there were a few i didn't like itvery much but it was okay. The first on the list was Wan Qi and friends singing a song and the second on the list was the performance by Form 5S singing just stand up and the next is performance by Genveive, Ahsley, Joel and Laavynia. Besides that, there were Shuffling performance by these few people Adam, Jeng Fatt, Choon Wei, @ more can't remember, and lion dance as well. The performance i like the most was the dance by Desiree and Daphne,Natalie Lah, Judith, Yuan Shen, Alvin Lim, Reu Zhen and Fergus.On additional, there were performance by some formal ex Stella Maris students, and a malaysia best drumer JOHN THOMAS, he is from my school!!! And the DJ of Hitz.FM night crew JIN was our ex student too, can you belive that??? That's all i guess, did not take pictures cause too lazy but will get it from da editorial board la, and post it up!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am back!!

I am back , long time have not been here cause computer got something wrong. Pissed me off! But now is fixed so now i am back, i got a face book acc add me la! My want is add me!!
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