Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cultural Exchange Programme.

Last Wednesday 13th of October 2010, 41 students and 5 teachers including tour guide visited our school.
They are all from Shimada High School, Shizuoka ,Japan.

We started up with a buddy system where the students from form 3 and 4 can host them. I was lucky enough to get to host one of them and my buddy is WATANABE ATSUMI!
We are suppose to give a gift to out buddy , so I handmade I mug and a little gift for her.

Next, then I brought her around the school. Then meet up with my friends and started taking pictures.

Then, we just started talking and exchanging information. 
NEXT, we went to the orchestra room and all started playing some songs on the keyboard.

Then, it was lunch time. I met up with my sister then we started taking pictures , AGAIN!

Next, our school had a basketball match with them. But..... I didn't really watch it . I was busy 
talking to Yuki about some stuff.

Last but not least, we went to the assembly hall for group photo!

Then, we asked for their emails to keep in touch with them. Then they left. We send them out to the main entrance. We hugged and said our last thoughts and words to them then bye bye!!!

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