Sunday, June 27, 2010

MY RECIPE- Fried rice vermicelli.

Been waiting to do this for sometime ago since I know how to cook and bake but never did . Finally I done it and hope you guys like this!

Serves 5
prepare: 15 minutes
cook: 20 minutes

1 packet of rice vermicelli
1 bowl of cabbage-sliced
Minced meat-marinated
-sesame oil 1 tsp
-oyster sauce 1 tsp
- soy sauce 1 tsp
Beef or Chicken stock- 1/2 cube
Oyster sauce -1 tbsp
sesame oil - 1tbsp
Belacan- follow your on taste
Spring onion , onion and chinese parsley- sliced / chopped

Step 1:
heat water in pot / wok and put in rice vermicelli into it for 4-6 minutes, it depends.
take it up when its done- drain it.

Step 2:
Heat oil in wok, stir fry onion, garlic and meat until  its 3/4 cook. Take it out and wait to cool.

Step 3:
Add water and cabbage in wok with beef/ chicken stock and close wok with cover until its shimmers.
Open lid, add in oyster cause, sesame oil and belacan- mix well.

Step 4:
put in bowl and serve.

hehe, so its done.
* taste does not guarantee.
* always follow your instincts and it will turn out great!

bye bee, see you guys soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010





I have no idea why I typed this but whatever la its just a post and it means nothing!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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Hi all! I know my blog has been abandoned for a lil while because I was busy catching up with some of my stuff and meeting up with friends.

1.geography project.
2.update fake bubbly.
3.update THIS blog.
4.practice my basketball.
5.edit photos. ..... for some make-up enquiries.
7. water fight photos.

So , above is what I yet to do. The 1st one lining up on the list is suppose to pass up next week and yet to be done. i will so do it tonight and finish it before the weekends. I will be updating fake bubbly on some new stuff I got so that Hanie can take a look at it, as I was suppose to do it a few days ago. My BASKETBALL skills are fine, its just the strength that I need to practice on so JF please to help and I hope I won't suck when i get back to school.

I will be doing some product reviews and a cheat one look on fake bubbly so do pop by and have a look and give some comments.

 I also cleaned my room today, so is now squeaky clean! I shall post up some pictures later and let you have a look in the next post and more about the trip with Carmen and Suyesha later.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


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Equation=basket+ball+fun+jump= muscles cramps + hit face+ headaches.

So as a beginner, I think overall I rocked but still suck.
I played yesterday , its not play its intensive training which I got myself hurt and allow people to laugh at me!
I went to  my friends place at about 1230, then we left at 1 and arrived court at 110. She trained me to play the basics and they are dribbling, and aiming. She told me all the rules, and I tell you the rules are damn much so basically it sucks!
We played till like 230 and then we headed to some mamak stall for food and then we left and headed back to court for more training!
I kept on dribbling the ball, where I go i am forced to dribble the ball with me! Then I started shooting! I can shoot now but the strength still not there yet so practice!!!! Then we called Jerome , he came and he helped and basically I did improve so THANK YOU!!!
After that, we walked brownie and Joshua came along too to walk around the whole housing area to so called build up my stamina!! We also Suzanne( Zhen)!!!! and MAY YEN(May Yiin)!!!!!! and not to forget JOE HOONG( Cher Hoong) !!!!! so , this people are afraid of dogs especially MAY YEN!!!!!
SO thats all I guess.
Bye bye!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

cheat one blog! summerreminiscens

Hey do visit my 2nd blog known as the cheat one blog or the fakebubbly blog.
it has product reviews, some cheat one looks tutorial and some D.I.Y tutorial and more. So do visit it but do not forget to come here too!!!
 VISIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Have fun munching away with the new MISTER POTATO RICE CRISPS!

Have you always wanted the perfect snack to snack your way during movies, parties, or when you are bored while studying but you don't want to get blotted up like a big fat balloon?

Ah!!! Now, don't worry ! Mister Potato is just at the supermarkets and groceries store near you. Mister Potato recently introduced 4 new flavours to suit your taste buds by not allowing you to get fat. They are the "hot and spicy", "original", "sour cream & onion" and also the "Flame grilled barbecue". They are just on-the-go whenever you need them.

They are meant to be the new and improved version of the old chips. They are known as the chips which have low trans-fat, 20% less fat and cholesterol! So don't worry peeps, NO weight-up!!

The flavours:


the original always is original.

It brings back the old memories of mine while nom-ming away the whole can of chips myself and got me blotted up. But now, I have no worries cause the new mister potato rice crisps solved my problem by having 20% less fat, cholesterol and trans-fat. I guess , i shall just eat it all myself again after leaving the can of crisps I use to have all alone.

"Sour cream& onion"

It has just the perfect taste to suite your taste buds if your those people who are involve in the onion or the sour cream gang. If you are one of the kaki's in the gang, who loves onion or sour cream , here you go- this will be just like your 1st love that is meant to be with you and I can tell you, you belong with it!

"Flame grilled BBQ"

The flame grilled BBQ , taste good too. Too bad, I am not the BBQ lover as it will cause me ulcer everywhere in my mouth and my acne's will come back so, don't it much. Please do NOT let all this STOP you!! DO NOT HESITATE!! GO GET IT AND FOR SURE YOU WILL NOT REGRET AS IT TASTE EXACTLY LIKE THE REAL BBQ!

"Hot& Spicy"

Hot& spicy makes you feel like you just had a volcano exploded in your mouth! It's really hot and you will so need a bucket of icy cool drink to put-off the flame in your mouth!

Now, don't worry if you are those who don't eat rice crisps often. You are so going to love this and eat this throughout your day !!
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