Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Givenchy snowy black review + differences between sunplay skin aqua BB cream & Skinfood aloe BB cream + Daiso items.

Hello! I am blogging again. The last post was on deodorants and some people mentioned that it was mean through my facebook inbox, twitter and even emailed me.
Anyway, today i will be doing reviews and two items from Daiso.

*bloated with pictures and words.

Let's start with "GIVENCHY SNOWY BLACK" eyeshadow quad.

The outlook. As usual the "givenchy" logo.

The inside.
The first one from the left its a grey-ish black.
Down from left is matte black.
Top second on the right is shimmery grey-ish black.
Down from right is shimmery black.
It also comes with a applicator too.

Overall, its a good product. Its very smooth to be applied on and its long lasting.
Its not easily smudge and its good for a smokey eye look. I highly DO NOT recommend you to purchased it if you just want to use it as a smokey eye look pallette as its to expensive. If you want to purchase a pallette for smokey eye I recommend you to get pallettes from MJ or sasatinnie. They are inexpensive and good quality too.

Let's move on to the Skin Aqua BB cream and Skin Food's ALOE BB cream.

This is the color and the packaging. If you want to know slightly abit more about this product check this out here.

So, I have promissed that I WILL do a post reguarding the color and the texture. Nah, here it is.
The color is okay, fits all skin types and colors. Suites Asian Skin BEST! Its really easy to manouver and applies on skin without leaving greasy-ness.
This is good for places like hot and stuffy places as its really light and thin that won't cause pores clogging.

Now, the skin food one.
The outer more eco friendly looking since is GREEN!
The color its a wee bit darker than the SUNPLAY one.
Its not so easy to play with actually. But the scent is totally better than SUNPLAY.
It kinda like heals your scares a lil' as there is Aloe Vera extract in it.
This BB cream is good if you are going to places which are dry like air-conditioned places as it does not turn your face looking oily and it won't feel dehydrated.

Now the last thing. Daiso Items.

I got like a pack of foundation puffs. FALSE LASHES-2 pairs.
ALL for RM10!
So, the puffs are in triangular shape. There were rounded ones and square ones but I chose this instead.As you can see there are 13 pieces in a pack. So can use quite long as I don't apply foundation on as frequent as BB cream.
False lashes 2 pairs for RM5.
There were like tones to choose but I chose this one since its 2 pairs and looks natural.
This one is the " Faux Clis" in No.129.
They basically looks like this:
 I will try this on later and do a video and blog post on it so please stay tune. For now, I can't really tell you anything as I haven't try it before.

The puff:

So as you can see its really good in absorbing. And really good in coverage sector. And NO excess on puff!
So, 5 bugs cheap and good!

Okay, i guess thats it. I shall stop here and post tomorrow as is superb long nao!


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