Monday, August 24, 2009

What a long post!!

Hey everyone! I am bac again!! I hurt myself again! DOOM! The first time i hurt myself by knocking somewhere and i don't even know when is it and this time i slept nearly 15 hours and i sprain my neck! How stupid! now it still hurts but not that bad anymore its movable now at least so! and i was very tired during the weekend cause my normal busy schedule! I go for dance classes and i go out with my friends and all. I also was busy doing some exercise during the weekend. I will be doing it again this whole week just to loosen up my musles that was so thighly put together during the school days!-laughing alone- and now i still writing my story and hope to get published by percetakan cahaya. HOPE!! Pray hard!! and i am still working on my accounts to buy a camera a SONY skinny -T that might cause RM600++. and i am also currently working on my camera phone 3.2 megapixel camera to work on my photoshooting skills. I think it might be good this time and my current account is only left with RM450++ need to work on more!! and i bought a new nail colour again, a new drama blue!!! i luv it so muuch!! its so dramatic its so cool and cute!!-HAHA!-I also need to study during the one weel holiday but i might be going out on thursday!! YES!! with JO LENG!! my best cousie!!! CAN'T wait!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

everything in 1!

A really long post today. Okay, i am a little nowadays, dont feel like updating but i want people to keep updated so i will still update it every now and then. Okay last friday was feast day, there were lots of performances and there were public speaking speeches and all. After feast day, there was prefect social gathering. I was kind of casualy dressed. i wore a black-purple dress and a white flats. So casual. and the feast day performance was wayyyyy better than the CNY one, for sure!!! i really like this one better than the CNY one!!! Peppermints performance was great, congrats!!! it turn up perfectly fine and sis's performance was not bad didnt expect it would be that great!!! haha!!

Okay, and on saturday i went back to school to do my duty cause last saturday was SMSM's entrance exam day so i needed to go back. I was kinda bored but because of Zhen ni and Melissa they brighten up my day as well as PEPPERMINT!! so after all the pain and tireness i gone thru now i perfectly fine.

Now, i just need to finish my geography project and pass it up the week after next. Okay now i gotta go , need to pack up and get ready for school.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I am finally back!!

Hey peeps, i took me kinda long time to drop by to post again. WHY? i was really busy lately and lazy. I got lots work and results bad so need to study alot but still can stay alive till now la. 2 to 3 weeks ago i went for the ASQ 2009 FINALE who i won tickets from astro life, thx astro!! I was kinda happy cos i really wanna go support kah fai alot and mummy went with me! there's some new teachers around and pn jaya left, obviously! I misses her so much!! CIk ain also! Why are all the good teachers all leaving?? I guess they got higher pay?? And also canteen day was a week ago, was kinda boring for me but ok la. i skipped the dunkin booth due to i hurt my back two days before and while i wanna sell the coupons miss sushila said buisness down so no need to do and i went to do henna art and nail art but the nail art i didnt really like it so i came home and took it off and put my own colour and stuff on it la! I was kinda dropped out from my blogging nowadays but i will still come by if i could la! and i was looking thru the percetakan cahaya and halo forest and mainstream music stuff just to get some info for some personal reason and nowadays peeps beside me are all falling in love !! WHY?? i am still curious!!

Today!! got friday mass so got extended lunch! I wanted to AP but then "NGAM NGAM" i go see ms vijaya that time Des saw me so she ask me where i duty so i told her canteen and she said no need to got there la got to the shalom room to take care the shoes make sure that no one takes the shoes. WHO WILL BE SO STUPID TO STEAL SHOES!! So i was kinda happy la cos cute jie jie was there so got teman la. And i got alot of new songs from her too!! THX cute jie jie!!! Announcemence this week was totally better than the first few times kinda satisfite with this time but i think can improve more!! and next week gotta go back to school to jaga ppl cause the form 1 entrance exam are coming!!!


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