Sunday, December 5, 2010

my pink baby dell failed me.

Hello, recently i have been updating thru my sister's comp as my pink baby dell failed me!
It just stuck at the windows welcome page and never moves for seconds, minutes and hours! I was so pissed so send for reformatting yesterday after weeks.
I upgraded mine from windows vista to the latest windows 7!
But 1 thing! all my files are gone! So if I want to retrieve old photos and all no more! But its okay will do it all over again then.
Now, i have to install back all my photoshop, music editors, video editors, and all other programmes of mine, again! Its gonna be HELL!
I will be doing a short vlog, if possible by tonight perhaps midnight will be up since needs editing and all. I am too lazy to type so talk enough already!
Oh yea, i ordered a beret for myself from Hanie! If you want one or more click this link and PM her and you will get yours!


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