Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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Hi all! I know my blog has been abandoned for a lil while because I was busy catching up with some of my stuff and meeting up with friends.

1.geography project.
2.update fake bubbly.
3.update THIS blog.
4.practice my basketball.
5.edit photos. ..... for some make-up enquiries.
7. water fight photos.

So , above is what I yet to do. The 1st one lining up on the list is suppose to pass up next week and yet to be done. i will so do it tonight and finish it before the weekends. I will be updating fake bubbly on some new stuff I got so that Hanie can take a look at it, as I was suppose to do it a few days ago. My BASKETBALL skills are fine, its just the strength that I need to practice on so JF please to help and I hope I won't suck when i get back to school.

I will be doing some product reviews and a cheat one look on fake bubbly so do pop by and have a look and give some comments.

 I also cleaned my room today, so is now squeaky clean! I shall post up some pictures later and let you have a look in the next post and more about the trip with Carmen and Suyesha later.


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