Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Natalie with her SO SORRY post!

So here i am again! Today i will be doing a SO SORRY post which i think that particular person who posted something at my shout box should come and read and be happy for what i have done here!

I am really sorry for posting my own photos here if you think i am ugly and the picture of me will spoil your day and make you have an eye pain i am SO SORRY!

I am also really SORRY if my pictures and my posts make you feel terrible or even speechless than i am SORRY once again!

I am also so SORRY that someone made you make your mind to visit my blog and made you feel horrible after that , I AM SO SORRY!

* actually if you are the one who posted at my shout mix box, please do tell me cause i don't mind knowing and I am kinda sure who you are , don't make me make a final decision to tell the whole world who you are! You are verbal bullying here, and i am quite sure that you know this is my blog i can post whatever want here so don't do stupid stuff! Please !!

* I am actually not really sorry for what i have just apologies here but I just wanna tell that person that he or she can say anything to hurt me but GOD or my siblings or even my family members can hurt but not YOU!

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