Saturday, December 11, 2010

OFTD + UNIQLO- Shopping spree!

Hello! Yesterday didn't end up updating because I arrived home late.
Yesterday, me, sis and mom went out to shop since its MYES!
SO this is what I wore:

Top: Gap long sleeve.
Outer: Momoe jeans singlet.
Bottom: high waist jeans shorts.
Bag; Tommy.H sling bag.
Shoes: Rubi by Cotton On- blue and white stripes converse.
Watch: Guess white.

- I wore a pair of false lashes and ONLY with BB cream!
-Applied Shea Butter lotion before heading out to keep my skin supple!

Then, we took a taxi to KLSOGO, to get ourselves a pair of jeans since over there are tones of brands and designs for you to choose!
All of us bought ourselves a pair that fits us most! And its less than 70 bugs each pair!

After that, we took the train down to Hang Tuah station to do a switch to head to Times Square for a walk to grab some cheap tees but too bad nothing I LIKE! So means MONEY SAVED more to spend in UNIQLO!

We walked until our legs feels nothing like our legs at all! Then we head over to UNIQLO in Farenheit88! We bought tones! I mean tones! Each spend over 200 there, Ohh-EMM-GEE! But all worth it , seriously.
I camwhored in the fitting cubicle! Love the lightings there, nice, superb awesome!
Here they are:


* but this I didn't purchase! Saw another better one!
SO, yeah basically all summorized. WE BOUGHT ALOT, SPENT A LOT!

We were there again after our japanese class today!
Had fun!

got to go.


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