Sunday, January 31, 2010

The scrapbook of my JANUARY 2010...

Life is so easy as you think.......
Love isn't so romantic as you think......
Friendship isn't that happy after all......
Life isn't going to be what you want it to be......

Life can't go back to square one when you want because things that are done are done......
Can love belongs to you when you want it?

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Is love just meant to be all about holding hands , hugs and kisses?
"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”
--Robert A. Heinlein

Is life going to be easy as you think?

Wars and elections are both too big and too small to matter in the long run. The daily work - that goes on, it adds up.
-Babara Kingsolver-

-Sadness And Solitude-2 Pictures, Images and Photos

can life be just sitting under the tree without leaves and let time pass by? I hope i can!

I hope you don't ever treat me as a fool anymore because i know you love somebody more but i hope you can:
have a glance at me,
talk to me,
laugh with me
be with me as a friend if you can!

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i will be seating here waiting for you to come and talk to me and laugh with me!

I know its crazy to love someone who hurts you but its crazier to love someone who loves you and hurt you at the same time! Cause life is just like that!

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should i continue with tapping?? is it going to lead me to somewhere without you encouraging me?

I am an idoit post #2!

finally back from a week of torcher and sadness. This week was such a tiring week for me. I was really touched by somethings that happen through out this week but somethings that some people had done to me was really hurtful. I don't want to mention who hurted me but is really something that upset my whole week but there was things that were really happy to me. I was laughing through out my recess and lunch breaks and also my mornings in school and i knew i got into interact club and all sort was really a great thing for me. The sad part was something happen and that person didn't even mention it about but he was still treating me as a great friend and an idiot like as if i don't know anything, i know he don't mean it but is really hurtful when i realised it and when i knew it was already something happening and he still treat me as a full as if i am an idiot! I am such an idiot until i can wish him good luck in that particular situation. I know he don't mean it but i really have some special thing for ahem but erm forget it is not what a girl like me wants and i am sure god will have the best plan for me so i guess i shall just follow what god wants me to do!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Natalie with her SO SORRY post!

So here i am again! Today i will be doing a SO SORRY post which i think that particular person who posted something at my shout box should come and read and be happy for what i have done here!

I am really sorry for posting my own photos here if you think i am ugly and the picture of me will spoil your day and make you have an eye pain i am SO SORRY!

I am also really SORRY if my pictures and my posts make you feel terrible or even speechless than i am SORRY once again!

I am also so SORRY that someone made you make your mind to visit my blog and made you feel horrible after that , I AM SO SORRY!

* actually if you are the one who posted at my shout mix box, please do tell me cause i don't mind knowing and I am kinda sure who you are , don't make me make a final decision to tell the whole world who you are! You are verbal bullying here, and i am quite sure that you know this is my blog i can post whatever want here so don't do stupid stuff! Please !!

* I am actually not really sorry for what i have just apologies here but I just wanna tell that person that he or she can say anything to hurt me but GOD or my siblings or even my family members can hurt but not YOU!

Monday, January 18, 2010


YOU ARE OFFICIALLY 15!! I am youger cause i am
only 14 years and 10 months!! You are aging and i am not haha!!
Anyway, thanks for helping me last time and thanks for being kind to everybody!!!
Keep on your good work!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The day that changed me.

I have been not posting for a while, I am really sorry!!! I was thinking whether to continue blogging or not for some reasons but i came back with a confirmed answer and that is a YES!!
I have been doing loads of things and i am trying to finish the things that i stacked up as soon as possible. I am also trying ti study at the same time to get good grades and as well as my dancing. so people pray hard for me!!!

The day that changed me was after reading a story called " SHAME". I began to change myself and help those who needs me and not so prvilledge people and i kept teling myself to change cause i am so lucky, i am luckier than others! Dont be so fuzzy over stuff and dont be so demanding NATALIE!! You need to change! So, i am determined to change !

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The dreams of 2010!

Hey!! I havent been blogging for a few days and my friends and relatives are kinda making noise ady so i might as well blog since i didnt blog since 2010 started! So, i guess this will be a post concern about my first 3 days of school and what are my dreams and hopes for this year!

So, the first day of school I lefted home as usual like 630 in d morning and i reached school at 705 so its still okay not so bad. I was kinda lost at first althought it wasn't my 1st time stepping into the school but without my friends to guide me along the way i really felt very lost so after a 5 minutes wait Jessie came!!! I was thanking got like there wasnt tomorrow!!! Haha!! After that, we went to the auditorium and then wait to get seperated from our friends if you are unlucky, if you are lucky you will be with your friends and i was unlucky so got SEPARATED!! I was l like "damn it" !! why me and not others??? Cause, i was praying to god ,so my name won't be called to be in 3S but to bad, the 3rd name was mine!!

Guess who is the class teacher?? Don't know?? let me tell you! Ms.Chuah!!! Asst. Class teacher-the form supervisor Miss Mala!!! I no likey!! So, my subject teachers i don't really mind except for my math , english , KH Geografi and Moral teacher!! I really no likey MAN!!! I am bored to death in class without my friends but we can still meet each other la, ATLEAST!!! I am like partially dead when i am in class, when i get out of class, THANK GOD , I am not dead yet!!!

So, now lets talk about CO-CO!! Now we have 10 periods of studies and co-co is separated into 3 periods which we partially have no time for anything so , no likey too!! I am forced to be in science and math club which i dont like and I am in KRS which i am separated from JEssie, MY TWIN!!! Games still together la except SUYESHA!!! she is with GABY and ClAIRE!!! So, good luck to her in badminton!!!

So, now i am kinda not active in class la cause no one to talk too not dont have not so close!! the closes is ANDREA LEE!!! but she sit far away so cannot talk but i think its a good thing cause i can focus more instead of anything else so its a good thing i think!!

I think i had enough here so will be coming again!!
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