Friday, October 23, 2009

Birthday was 2 days ago on da 22-10-2009

My birthday was 2 days ago! I got plenty of birthday wishes!! I am going out to celebrate my bday and hanie's one on da 30th of October because my bday was da exam week thats why!

I love those who wished me happi bday! I love u guys!!
will post more later!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


YAY! Finally after a long wait and tomorrow is officially my birthday!! Yay!!! i just cant wait!!! And i will be celebrating 8 days later and hanie will be celebrating 1 day earlier and we are going times square to celebrate!! yay! but one thing that is sad is i have exam tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my new blog and finals are here!

Hey ! this is my new blog!

Finals are here and its till next week and after the finals i will have my Tap exam and then me hanie and jessie and HER is going out! YEH! babe! woo hoo!

Now i need to stuck everything into my brain and then after that i need to remove brain space!! haha! i mean brain GB!!


Changing blogskins

Hey! i am back here again!
I am changing my blogskins and adding stuff in it! it seems kinda boring it has been a long time that i have stuck with this skin getting bored off it!
Pop by later and see what did i do to my blog!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hey peeps!!

Hey peeps! I am finally back after so long!! What have i been up too? thats what people always ask me these days because i have not been blogging for quite a while!!=)

I have been editing photos doing some of my portfolios , practising my tap dance moves because i will have a tap exam on the 29th of October and studying for the FINALS!!! and its from 20th-27 of October! and also planning on my birthday, what shall i do?? I cant celebrate my birhtday on the actual day due to the finals but i will celebrate it with hanie and jessie after the finals and of course with my two besties as well and that is SUYESHA and CARMEN =) <3 luv them lots!!!

And now i will have to stuck and cram all of the information from the book to my brain!! Arghhhhhh!!! And now Peter came out with a brilliant idea and that is having special remedial class on the holidays if the teacher thinks u are weak and if u fail a subject how stupid!! And i wont forget to wish the PMR and the form 4 students good luck!! and also the top3 ASQ winners who is gonna represent our country in the TVB8 international singing competition in Hong Kong tonight(11/10/2009)!! GO KAH FAI!!!! Gambateh!!!!

And also wishing everyone the best of luck in everything!!! and i made a little bookmark for fat so hopes the fat likes it and now i am starting to get pissed off with the lost sheep who doesnt wants to come bac to the barn but stucking with the little princess all the time!!! not that i like the lost sheep but if the lost sheep still stuck with the little princess it will for sure get in trouble!!!

*WARNING!!!! lost sheep get back in to the barn!!!
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