Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010.


I have been a lil' busy with some preparations for parties and gifts for Christmas until I got tired to blog.
Now, since its a day after Christmas and things starts to settle down , so I can sit down and chill and tell everyone about my Christmas!

Let's start off with Christmas Eve.
I had my Christmas dinner at Tony Roma's , Pavillion with my family.
We ate a set dinner for 4 each at RM79.90. It consist with chicken , shrimp pasta , appetizer platter , ribs and steak. We even added a fried mushroom platter! It was superb uber YUMMY!!!!!!
So, here is me and my sis'

*my face looks pretty tired and oily due to my lack of sleep and the humid weather.

Pavillion was flooded with people!!!!!!! If you wanna walk also ,cannot keep your head up because all the people smoke and sweat and then they push you and all. I rather die than go there la. Its because its Christmas and I have to got there for a pupose thats why I go there if not I don't think I will fight with hundreds of people just to walk at some mall.

The deco was super nice! The people just stand around the area to take photos, they don't bother eventhough they are blocking the way!

Wanna see more of the deco click this link:Pavillion Xmas Set up

Of course, me and sis took a few photos.

-High Dango Bun
-Blue loose one piece
-Black full ankle leggings.
-Blue stripe converse by Rubi
-Coach bag in Papaya khaki.

*NO make up at all, I was rushing to prepare myself as I started doing it late. I just prep my face with moisturizer, concealer and lipbalm anf lipgloss.Then out I go.

We were like stuck in the car park for 45 minutes. Bored, We camwhore.

Couldn't post the others since, I look ugly!
This was the best among all!

Christmas Day.
My family went to church early in the morning as there was a service. I gave out handmade cards to my friends and they gave me presents! I didn't received much this year but I think that one short christmas message will be thoughtful enough since its the thoughts that counts! So just appreciate whatever you get, as you don't people to not like whatever you give them, rite?

Then at night, I had a small gathering with my dad's side. There were kinda lots of food, we all ate till we can't fit any into our tummy anymore!

Sharmaine and I!

She basically freak my sis cat out! She was so hyper! She stayed up the whole night running about like mad! 

 But she is CUTE!

So yeah thats all! Nothing much for Christmas this year! 

School is starting already ne~, done your preparations yet? 
I am kinda done! But actually no mood to go school yet! More holidays please?

Anyway, I have got to go nao, thanks for reading! 
Comments, k?

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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