Monday, December 13, 2010


Guys, this is something I think is useful. Please don't feel offended.

Okay, pass few days I was in the train standing next to this girl  and I smell some awful smell that made me feel like passing out. Then, it strike me that it was body odour.  At that moment, I was asking myself a few questions.
"Does she knows she has body odour?" and "She gotten used to the smell already?" and also " she walked out of the house and forgotten that she needs to roll on deodorant?"

I mean like how can she be so inconsiderate? People walk pass her and feel like passing out makes her feel better or what?  Its just so horrible.

Believe it or not, I am someone who also has body odour problem since young. You might be thinking now should you still be as close as ever to me. But.... please if you want to think twice before getting close to me then you are stupid and immature! Body odour is normal, everyone sweats, I just happen to be one of the unlucky one who sweats like a pig and more than usual, you think I want too? OF COURSE NOT if I were given a chance to choose.

I used to not care as I have already gotten used to the smell already until once my sister told me face to face

Of course, eventually I started using deodorants. I have been experimenting tones of brands that works best for me. I have tried brands such as Rexona, Nivea , Watsons , body shop and simple. Now I can tell you which is like the best brand- SIMPLE I totally recommend. Ok, it maybe a lil' more pricey for a mass brand and compare to the brands that were mentioned above except Body shop.

It unleashes my CONFIDENCE! I used to not dance with big actions and all out because of my body odour problem but now no more!

Back to the topic. I mean like if she could hold books titled something on medicine she should be smart la, studying medicine.I mean for goodness sake apply some deodorant or do something, please don't torture others. I meant I couldn't tell her straight forwardly that she has body odour plus I don't even know her makes it super uber weird la. I bet her friends also won't dare to tell her la ,if they did she would have roll on some already.

Sometimes, is just really difficult telling something so personal to someone , its gonna be super offended. A friend of mine has body odour and no one tells her about it as she might get offended so I tried to talk about something related by asking about the best anti-prespirant brand or what not but of course in the end she didn't get it.

In the end was just epic fail! She didn't get herself a deodorant. I guess that people needs to be embarrassed  once and for all before they learn their lesson.

Girls are suppose to look good and smell good as guys love to smell girls , rite? If a girl smells horrible ,sweats like a pig and have cold sweats all the time, it wouldn't matter if she is darn pretty , sexy or tall already the guy will just run! The guy or whoever won't come up to you and tell you " go put on deodorant before you come with me, if not you don't qualify." I mean this won't happen in billion years!

What I was trying to tell you guys are it doesn't matter if you have body odour or don't please still use a deodorant as it can help reduce sweats and sweats stains that appears on your shirts that make you look horrible!

You don't have to get expensive brands, just go to your nearest pharmacies to just get a cheap one and roll on , is just so simple! I highly recommend Simple! its highly inexpensive and effective! Trust me, you will improvements in yourself! So go get one for yourself! You will not regret!

Having body odour is not something to be ashamed off as it is a medical condition. So please make a change by treating it and not ignoring it. So please use deodorant. Use simple!

* I know I know, I am like typing super lots. Sorry!


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