Monday, July 20, 2009

I am Bac!!

After such a long time, i am finally here!! Its really long time i didnt not blog cause due to i am busy. I got lots of stress, burden and i have no time!! i don't know why i am full of stress but i guess there will have a reason for it!! Okay , lets talk about Saturday!! Saturday, wat a busy day!!I woke up early in the morning, and clean up myself and then i went for dance lessons as usual and then went for lunch and then went back for tap lessons, tap lessons was fine until the last part i mixed up some steps^^ sorry miss SONIA!! dont mean it!!! then went home play wif comp then went off for dinner and i cutt my hair cause Mrs.Kang said it ws too long, now i cut it , it looks fine to me but ppl start laughing at it espiecally the FORM 1!!!And sunday, went to church and bible study then picked up Jessie from her home then head off to TIMES SQUARE!!! then shop around bought new face wash and nail stuff again!! then bought MC DONALDS then head off to cinema to catch HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. then ditch to BORDERS to get a gift fot frens but no time so we just DITCH OFF and hop on car and send jess home then went home!!! TODAY!! I cut my hair on saturday as i meantion then people said it was okay but then some people were laughing but i am okay got used to it so bare with it, then puan JAya said today is her last class with us, we have not took a picture yet but we will and i am making a card for her to make her RMB ME,JESSIE and HANIE!!!! anyway best wishes to her!!! NOW lets let the pics do the talk:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

28 of June- a day out with Carmen, Jessie, Hanie and Suyesha.

Early in the morning, i woke up . we didnt go church that Sunday cause we are rushing against time. I clean up and i rush up to the kitcheen and then i took my bfast then i straight away followed my parents to Jusco to grab our weekly groceries then went home and doll up myself then went out, reached the car park got a call from carmen and we walked and we went to collect tickets the movie ticket TERMINATOR SALVATION!!! then after collecting we went to buy starbucks then met up wif jess and hanie then went in to the cinema, after the that we went to KINOKUNIYA nut 3 of us didnt see a thing so i gave jess a call and said that we walk around then after we meet each other after that we bought sushi king, then after that we just bought a bottle a NIKE bottle each then we went off!! But it was really enjoyable.!!

Monday, July 6, 2009


My friend is selling her manga OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB!! for RM170!!! she dont have books six but she got 1-7!!! Contact me if you want to buy it, email me at, or leave a comment here!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

wat i have just edited!

i post card (so called) that i edited myself!

i was bored thats why, i just took up a photo and edited it!

What a Friday!!

Yesterday, it was a school day , a kumon day and a transformers day!! Why? School day is a day where i have to go to school like any other day. Kumon day is where i go for kumon all the way in Kepong where i hate it, and transformers day is were me , my sis, dad and mum go to watch a movie called transformers 2 the revenge of the fallen at TGV KLCC ystd night at 11:20pm. The movie was great school wasn't anything special but fine and tiring and i was sad i did not get to see someone.

Lets get back to the movie!! The movie was awesome!!! The main character was really cute and hot!! Megan Fox, i as a girl think she is hot, so wat da ya think abt the guys opinion!!? Shia LaBeouf was cute enough. I though he was a annoying lil' kid when he was havin a role in the series call the even stevens but now he is diifrent he has all grown up not like the past!! Magan Fox i have nothing better to say!! trust me watch the movie and you 'll fall in love with the movie and the characters!!

Bumble Bee!

Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf.


The past!!


Megan Fox.
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