Tuesday, December 30, 2008

what i have done in the year of 2008.

There's is really alot of things i have done in the year of 2008. For example, my first time in secondary school, my first time blogging, my first time having karaoke and lots more. Besides all of that, i kinda had something bad in the year of 2008. The bad thing is not the first time happening already, this is the second time this kinda thing happen. It has happen last year and it happen again. Here is the story, last year i h ad friends who never took me as their true friend but i though they were my true friends where i can be with them for my whole life but it is totally not true. And this year, is kinda similar but not the same, let me tell you. This year, is my first year in secondary school, and i met 2 really cool and friendly person and we really get along really well, we are best friends and something happen after we came together, cause after that i became a class asst. monitor and people always use to hate monitors and i am those monitors who works but yet nice not mean so not a teachers pet. And there were a group of people, who reallyhate 3 of us and they make us as their friends infront of us but at the back they make us as enemies. Enough of that, making me feel sad whenever i talk about that.

Now lets talk about something nice and happy. Okay , this year on the November 23rd i went to the gardens for a red box opening ceremony and a best friends music fest thing and red box invited my idol NICHOLAS TEO, so i went and my dad's company acctually got a invitation to the opening so went there too, because of that i and sis got a chance to sing our lungs out, we had karaoke!!!!! YAY!!!! First time been into karaoke, how fun can that be. CONTINUE LATER.......

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jusco , Setiawangsa Again.....!!!

Went jusco today after dinner, kinda boring cause been there like 5 times ady, nothing to do there , so boring!!! But luckily i got something for myself , nail polish!!! Got new one ady, I am collecting up to 50 bottles, cause now i got 47 ady, today i bought a yellow, striking one and last week frens came over i bought a shimmer violet and a lime green, collecting up to 50 it is not really difficult!!! But if i can shop myself i think i can reach 50 by today but cannot , sad......

Christmas dinner 2008 is totally diffrent from last year!!!!

This year i and family did not join the church christmas dinner cause we wanted to slowly enjoy our time eating and enjoy the food so did not join. Last year , we join is because i and sis joined the choir group that formed by the church to present 3 songs before the message delivered by some pastor ( i dont know who) and the dinner. The choir was kinda fun actually but the place was kinda small i guess cause i think our church has a really tight budget( i guess so) but this year the church had the dinner in some club or hotel at Lake Garden, i cant remember the name of it!! This year i missed the Fedelis singer who sings like angels cause i was not there, but i had a really delicious dinner at some japanese restaurant in Hartamas, is called Isaki Japanese. The place was really good, and we had sukiyaki, pork ribs, grilled lamb and some other food, it taste really great. This year i had a really totally diffrent christmas dinner and a christmas day cause the dinner wasn't with the church members and not a lot of gifts this year cause no want came over, but i love my mom's gift alot cause is the DIOR ICONIC MASCARA!!! I wanted it alot and now i get it, i am so happy!!!!! More pictures later on on the Isaki Japanese restaurant and my gifts, so drop by to view more and read more about my christmas year 2008!!!!!

Its Christmas!!!!

Christmas day today!!!!! This morning , i feel really gloomy cause not enough sleep, but at last i feel really happy cause i realise that today its christmas and i can open all my presents!!!!! This morning, i and my parents went to church and after church me and my sis gave out the presents that we suppose to give and we receive presents too!!!!( happy) . First, i gave Fern her give and i got mine from her too, i realise my give from her every year is really soft and small, i got a little teddy bear last year from her, and this year i got a small lollipop hp string thingy, but still feel happy. Then, we gave out Sara and Christine's gift, and we receive too, then at last but not least we gave out Hon Chien's and Hon Yau's gift as well, Hon Chien was really happy when he receive our gift!!!!

Hope everybody can enjoy the remaining christmas day!!!! Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kinda Happy day.

Today is christmas eve, friends came over for lunch, something like celebrating. We had lots of food, we had plenty of people and more. Me and my parents and my sister woke up at 6 in da morning,so we could get everything in place before all da guests are here so we start preparing. I was stupid, everybody woke up without washing their hair first cause they think they will get smelly later on so did not do so, and i was the stupid one, i showered and i was the odd one who wash my hair, and i am so clean until i couldn't do anything. Then we spend 4 hours cooking in da kitchen, and i was the only one who was siting outside the hall playing wif da radio( putting christmas songs) and playing Xbox ( how stupid, boring). Then at 10 in da morning, my fren SUYESHA came( the early one)then i pop down to the shower so that i could clean up as fast as i can so people doesn't come before i am done.Then when i am done, i played Xbox with her(suyesha) , then people start coming, thats when CARMEN AND FAMILY reached. We played like mad dogs and like stupid people!!!!

The at 330pm everybody went back accept for the early one ( suyesha) she come early but go bac late, make me cannot go to JUSCO wif my mum to get some groceries(angry). But i shouldn't be angry cause today is christmas eve and tomorrow is christmas!!!! Time to open my gift, prezzies here i come!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Edit photos- done by me at photo funia.

Us on the wall!
Someone drawing a picture of them!

Us on the CD cover, promoted by paris hilton!

Us on the street!

Me on VOGUE! How happy!!

People drawing me!!

Us on the shopping mall adverstised board!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Apple or J.Co donuts is better???

Big Apple donuts motto is [ Every piece is a masterpiece]

J.Co donuts logo has a peacock, guess what does it mean?? It means[ represents the company's vision and mission]

Don't hate me for making you an addict on the DONUTS!!!!!!!
The menu for J.Co Donuts i think it is more appealing to me than Big Apple.

Big Apple Donuts doesn't have good decorations on the top but J . Co has it all.

So which is better??

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life just goes on......

Life just goes on, it will never end............
whatever we do,we have to choose the right path........
this is a picture that life goes on, it will never end........

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The 3 best friends!!

Two pictures i uploaded , me and carmen and me and suyesha!!!!

From left: Carmen and me!!!

In a japanese cafe , took during canteen day!!

Me and Suyesha!!

Took during firm!!! We were waitin, bored so took afew pictures!!!

The life i have, right now!!!

I also have something to say but i can't say it out cause its really difficult. But now, i finally say it out loud and i feel so much better now. Its now a difficult path for me to walk thru, cause i don't know whether that person understand me but he said he will give some time to understand each other but i guess we are not the right type or the mathching pair , i guess??!! We never will be together i guess, but maybe?? I never like participate in any activities that YA! cordinates cause i am always busy or i am always tired cause i got my dance lessons or other stuff besides after dance lessons i will be extremely tired cause now i am grade 5 ady so its totally difficult and tiring, i tell u!!!!!

I am a KIWI!!!

The outlook of a kiwi is hairy and brown , overall , dull (that's all i can say). It reflects what people thinks about me. The inside of a kiwi is fresh and striking in colour cause is green in colour, which kinda represents me , i guess!? Some may just like it and some may just look away but they never know that kiwi has 5 times more vitamins than an orange!! In other words, my charisma and personality is much higher then sense that someone any friends that would wanna be with........Last but not least, the dark kiwi seeds, they're the mystery sides of me whom only a few people know. With these pieces combine together i am a perfect kiwi fruit!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

speech of silence

speech of silence......

without opening our mouth , can we represent something??

Yes, we can, we obviously can.

Did u ever heard of speech of silence.

What does it mean?

it means without talking u can tell people something.

u can try it by doing something wothout saying!

A gift for everyone!

A gift for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

The gift for everyone is a bible verse .

The bible verse comes from 1 Thessalonians 5: 16, 17 .18-

The Lord's Prayer
Our father in heaven
Hallowed be your name
Your kingdom come
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us today our daily
Forgive us our debts
As we also have forgiven our debtors
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from the evil one
Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus

-1 Thessalonians 5: 16, 17, 18-

Yes! Jesus loves you!:)
-John 3 : 16-


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

People can u guys think???

Dear people, doesn't it crossed your mind that we did nothing wrong, but you guys?

We never did anything wrong at all!!!

This is the matter: 'I don't hate you , you hate me 'thats all.

We are all teenagers , we have diffrent attitude, diffrent personalities and even more. I never called you a some other names but you called me..


We have our own identities, you guys have but you guys are not using it, you guys are just acting like a 5 years old kid!!!

Short shit? what is that?? I never knew that your shit was tall!!! HAHA!!!!!

We wanna be friends with everybody, i don't want anybody to hate us!!!!

You are the want who make up stupid remarks, you who are the want who decided that we were bad, you who is the want who doesn't want us to be your friends, not my fault!!!

You think that you are always right, but for now i can tell you that you are not but ME!!!!!

Its fine, I am not better than you neither you are, we are the same, we have no diffrence: don't just say , pls show your actions. Don't be a NATO: No actions talk only.

"Oh we are over that, we can still be friends" YA right!!!! YOU CAN'T LET GO OF SOMETHING THAT WE DIDN' T DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I WILL MAKE MYSELF CLEAR............................
I DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HEAR ME LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU BLAMED IT ON US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HAVE ENOUGH OF THE CRAP THAT YOU SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oops i did it again..........

What did i do?

I don't know........


Now , i will tell u what i did.........

I was baking all day long again...........

I was baking for like 4 days already.............

besides that, i realised i only left with 45 bugs in my pocket...........

The money is for me to buy prezzie for my frens.............

where did the money go???


I realised, the 5 bugs i used to buy a hair pin.

how stupid..........


Christmas is around the corner!!!! can't wait for it to come.

Christmas in around the corner, can't wait for it to come!!! I am counting down ady, it's 23 more days to christmas!!! Christmas acctually is not for presents, is Jesus b'day according to one of my friend i think if i am right!? But my kind of christmas is to get christmas wishes, christmas messages and presents!!!! I bought alot of presents for my friends , espiacially Carmen and Suyesha the are like the best friends ever. My mum bought me a prezzie, i can't wait till open it!!! Hehe!! My sis bought me a prezzie, my dad boght me a prezzie, my friends bought me prezziez as well!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Think before you ACT!!!!

Did you people ever think that you were wrong not us??
I don't think so, you did!!!!

People face the problem that is infront of you or in your mind!!! This is the problem between us. I don't hate you, YOU don't hate me!!We are all teenagers, we have diffrent personalities, i never called you by any diffrent names, you better not call me one, lets be fair and square.

If you wanna hate us, why don't you just keep on talking behind our backs and let the whole world hate us???? We will not be best friends, we will not be enemies , lets just make us invisible and think that we are someone else.

Lets put it this way, u guys acted like a 5 year old kid, and put stupid remarks on us and put our lives at the other end where we can;t turn back to everyone like us again. You do not have the rights to put me where i don't want to go! Listen here, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS!!!!!

The world own by someone else, i guess is JESUS is GOD, but now i 'll tell you the truth , YES jesus own the world NOT YOU!!!!!!!

I have enough of what you have done and what you have say!!!!

LET ME MAKE MYSELF CLEAR..................!!!!!
I DON'T HATE YOU, YOU HATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Is money so important??? At my point, i think money is important in every way, without money, we can't survive, we have to pay for the house, buy food,buy clothes and many more. With money, i can get all my Original Sound Track(OST), nail polish, movies,and many more stuff that i want!!! HAHA!!!

Besides that, without money we can't even afford to study unless u can get scholarship then you can study for sure!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

End of Skul Year!!!!

School is comin to an end ady, Hahahahah!!!! Gonna sleep , play computer, sms-ing,msn-iing, takin pictures all day long, haha! I can't be doing it all day long right?? So i think i should just do whatever there is for me, i guess. End of school year, i will love to go out with friends, and it is time to prepare for chirstmas!!! Chirstmas is comin up as well, i have to prepare gifts for all my friends espically for Suyesha and Carmen but also PeiChing. I think holiday time i must pay a visit to PeiChing, i like her happy family that she has. I miss her too!!!!!!

Friends Are ForEveR,
No Matter what Happens,
Friendship will still remain!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lovely memories.......

My lovely memories for my teenage life is were I met my best friend Carmen and Suyesha.They really made my teenage life with flying colours
. They made my teenage life full of colours, they are so much diffrent from the other people in my school.Our happy memories are we went for a movie called STEP UP 2, and we shopped around the shopping mall and we bought cool stuff. And lately we also when to KLCC and watched the hit movie HSM 3, it is so cool, i love the songs in the movie. We also shopped around the mall, we bought alot of stuff and we went to coffee beans for a drink as well.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bad day, today.

Bad hair day........ bad hair day......, tired as well. Hair today so messy and keep on combing also not tidy so angry. This morning don't feel good so just shower never bother to clean my hair. I thought my hair was okay so didn't bother to do anything to it, but after i reached school i only realised that my hair is terrible and it is not in its place, arghhhhhhh.............

This morning, also got something bad happen. The thing was, all the people that i don't really click with them they were at the school entrance.I was kinda scared to walk in to the school but i told myself i must be brave cause i cannot let those people bully me so i just don't bother about them and just walk in the school without bothering about them.

Everything is gonna be over because it is gonna be the end of the school year and i will be going to FORM 2 next year!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some people they are just diffrent from others , i guess.

Some people in the world like to do something diffrent from the others .Like me, i just love to dance and sing without anyone knowing, but some people dance and sing because they know that is what they looking for in their lifes. Sometimes i like to just turn away cause i guess there are nothing for me to say. Some people say that i am good in meeting people,talking and even more. But now i guess i should just be anti- social so i do not cause problems int he class like some of the people said last friday. I was really upset because some people they say bad words and they don't know how much it hurts. It really hurts it hurts deeply , my look shows that i am happy all the time but actually i am sad because of the big and deep cut that i have inside of me. I guess, FUNSIZED people are always getting the deep cut and they love to show their happy side at the outside. I may look like a strong person from the outside but the actual me is a weak person. Last thing that i would want to say is if you people read my blog or my posts if you people think that i am talking about you, and i would love to shout out to the world I ain't talking about YOU!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can love be erase of immediatly like a pencil written on a notebook??

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The picture above shows that the sentence 'I LOVE YOU ' is written on a piece of paper.It seems to be easy erased off because we think it is just written on a piece of paper. Actually, it is not so easy, it is so difficult to be rub off, it is not so easy as we think. Love is something that the boy and the girl have to share and spend together.Besides that, they have to know what the girl/guy likes.

Love is also something that we cannot take advantage of, love is something pure and sweet.Like the picture below:-

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Sunday, October 26, 2008


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Cool comment CLICK HERE !!!

YOU don't need to be THIN to be BEAUTIFUL, YOU don't need to be GOOD LOOKING to be PRETTY!!

YOU don't need to be thin to be good looking!!!! Size doesn't matter, Look does not matter!!! What makes the diffrence is your confidence!!! We just need to gain confidence to make us BEAUTIFUL in the outside and the inside. Not like some people who show off by using some bad ways like talking behind people's back so that others will think they are the perfect one!!!!

There's no need to show off, just gain CONFIDENCE you will the prettiest among all!!!!

I have my OWN STYLE!!!!

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I always will have my own style!!!! I love to put on some makeup sometimes but not always, I love to decorate my nail ,i love to shop my own style and besides that I LOVE TO BUY POUCHES!!!!!

I always have friends who love to SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!!!! We always have own STLYES!!!
I love to POP by these few SHOPS all THE TIME!!!!


Friday, October 24, 2008

I stay in a cookie ,muffin and CANDY town!!!

I am the Candy, Carmen is the Cookie and Suyesha is the Muffin!!! We are always together and never apart . I am the candy cause i like to eat sweets and lookin at sweet stuff and time to me are always sweet!!!

Carmen as the cookie is because to me she seems to like cookie.She spends her time drawing and even more, to me my drawing seems to look like COOKIE!!!!!Cool comment CLICK HERE !!!
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NOw is time for the BIG QUEEN, SUYESHA the MUFFIN!!! SHe loves to eat muffin!!! SHe always loves eating and drinking stuff like MILO and Chocolate CHIP MUFFIN AND COOKIE!!!!ANd her drawings she colour it in dark colours so to me it looks like CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFIN!!!!!
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We may be far away but friendship still remain, Just want to tell U I miss YOU!

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Friendship is precious like gold and silver, friends are always important to someone. No matter what happens, friendship will still remain. Friends are for us to share something with, care about something and spend our precious time together were nobody can spilt the true friends that are suppose to be!!!

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Something that we cannot do without each other is SMILING!! Smiling makes every single one happy. We have friends to do absolutely everything together!!!

There's so many things to do in the world, then HATING!!

There is thoudsands of things that we can do , if you do not want to do i suggest you to say I LOVE TO DO ABSOULUTELY NOTHING!! is the best word to say!! Besides that, in this world there is so many things to do instead of HATING!!! Hating is a bad thing, it is WRONG!!!! If i could control the world I would tell the whole wide world to stop HATING but LOVING!!! LOvinG is so much better than Hating don't YOU people out there think so????Love is absolutely better than HATING!! Loving means sharing and caring, Hating means calling people by rude and bad names, spreading rumors talking bad about people behind people's back!!!
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Come ON people please be more MERCURED than being more CHILDISH!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I ain't PERFECT but YOU ain't any better!!

In this world, there are some people who are really thinks they are so perfect and tall. They always think they are so great but actually they are nothing better then the others. They always say that I am SHORT but i don;t think so, i think I ain't short but I 'm FUNSIZED!! But there's no offence for TALL people!!!

Some people think that i always think that i am PERFECT but I am telling the whole wide world that I ain't PERFECT but YOU ain't ANY BETTER than ME!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hate me ain't gonna make u any better!!

There is some people in this world thinks they are the very best, but i don't think so!! There is people who even think they are very weak in everything but i don't agree with that! But all i know, HATE ME AIN'T GONNA MAKE U ANY BETTER!!!

In my school there are some people who recruit cool and tall and rich students into their group and start spreading rumors about other people but not themselves.That is not nice, but who cares , these people thinks they are the best all the time, so leave them alone!!

Since they like to hate people so much, but because now is the school final exam week i must well annouce to the whole world that wanna HATE ME leave it till the end of the YEAR!!!!


2nd day of exam is over!!

2nd day of exam is over!!!!Math 1, english and PJK is over!!! The exam paper was ok , not that difficult. Tomorrow, there will be moral, and Kemahiran hidup !! I think it is gonna be hard!!!But since later i got my Tap extra lessons, so i drop by here now!!So , now i must tell the whole world GOOD LUCK in our EXAMS!!!!!PLS PRAY FOR USE AND GIVE US SUPPORT!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

First day of exam is OVER!!!!

Finally, the first of my exam is over!!!!! THe exam paper was really kinda though, but i tried my best so let just wait and see how's the results like. HAHA!!!! Now since i got sometime so i came here(my blog) to just tell everybody about my exam today.

Now, let's talk about somethin else. After my school exam i have my tap exam!!! I also thought that i am the weakess among all but my teacher said everybody is equal, we must be brave so that we can excel in everything we do!!! I hope what she said is right, besides that i got lots more stuff waitin for me to go and explore so gotta go now, hopping back here later!!! Bye!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Final Exam is around The Corner!

Final exam is around the corner, it is really tiring when I have to study all day! I have 11 subjects to focus ON!! It is really tiring! The subjects are:-

1. B.M
8.Pendidikan Jasmani

I am hestitating!!!!I got so much more to buckup!!! HOPE U PEOPLE CAN PRAY FOR ME!!!
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