Friday, March 27, 2009

GOD pls give me good skin!!! PLS!!! PLS!!

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash.

I first tried it out of curiosity, my mum got a sample from her friend and she heard it was quite good so I tried it out and it actually help me to cleanse my skin deeper and cleaner. It is made out of neem and tumeric, its some kind of herbs!!

Now for some people who have oily skin and people who don't have oily skin, don't you people realise that whenever we go out and come back our face will be really oily and dirty and uncomfortable espiecally the T-zone part its so oily and dirty. We use our finger to touch it and we can SEE THE OIL!!!!!Ewwwww!!!and then we will tend to use some oil blotting paper or tissue to wipe our face and we can see all the oil from our face to the paper.

Let me and my frens call this skinoilysad- skin really oily so we feel sad so we call it skinoilysad.

Let me tell you about an incident that i realise after using the face wash. One day i went to my frens house and when i return home i realise that my face wasn't having the condition of SKINOILYSAD anymore!!! Yay!!! ANd now i recall that i have use the himalaya product this morning .And now i can use it as my daily routine.

I think i will give that product a 7 out of 10. It actually works but it takes time its not a one day miracle thingy so be patient !!!

Now for the package i am using for my face after cleansing!!




Sunday, March 15, 2009

exam over and HOLIDAYS are here!!!

Exam over and holidays arrived!!! I am gonna spend my time doing whatever i want this holiday. I have already done my nails and i have done my shopping and done my scrapbooking ady. i have bought my new nail polish a cutie pink colour and i bought some nail stickers plus some new lip balm and lip gloss. Now , i have to continue my scrapbooking so i can keep it to do a record . Now i am updating my blog here, while msn-ing wif my frens on msn!! got 18 out of 66 people online and i am onlychatting wif 3 person here!!

I am gonna bake some cupcakes this week, will be posting up some new photos by then.

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