Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookie session at JF's.

I am back again! I have been updating like nearly everyday, wtf. I am like those bore lonely people who has nothing to do then come and blog like no life shit like that. Nowadays, I cook, bake, blog and try-out looks for tutorials and all basically boring like shit at home.

Since nothing to do right, I went over to JF's since she ask me too. We baked cookies and cooked spaghetti. 
But cookies failed epically! Spaghetti was AWESOME!
I left house at 255pm to meet her at the supermarket to get some ingredients then head over to her house later after that. We didn't start immediately since we were lazy , we laze around and walk around before started la.

*pics heavy and words heavy.

*something went wrong in the midst so please do forgive.
-multi purpose flour
-2 eggs
-2tsp of baking powder
-crunch nuts
-choc chips
-baking choc

Let's get started by melting the chocolates.

Its in the midst of melting, melt it with a bowl over a pot of boiling pot of water.

Mean time, beat the eggs and melted butter in the bowl like this!

Then after that , add in the flour, cocoa powder, melted chocolate, baking powder, crunch nuts,  choco chips then mix it up with milk then done!

End product!

Then we took photo with the BIG COOKIE!

I have no idea what happen to the photo in the midst! nowadays, photobucket isn't just working the way I want.

Whatever lah, end this post nao. Pictures said it all!


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