Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Once again, the feeling of SUCKISH-ness is BACK!

What is suckish-ness?? No idea rite, so lemme tell you people what is suckish-ness.
SUCKISH-NESS is when you feel suckish but people around you doesn't know they only think that you are not the normal you maybe you are going through MENSTRUATION but its NOT!!! Only people who are not observant will realise!
 SO my friends defitenitely don't realise lah they think I am just sick and going through MENSTRUATION so they just left me alone and still treat me the way they normally do lah. Actually I am NOT going through MENSTRUATION or beacuse I am SICK but because of something else or maybe you can say because of SOMEONE once again!
Its not so painful anymore cause I have already been through this before but still come on lah, when you hurt someone it will never be nice rite and you also don't want people to hurt you also what so treat people as the way you want to be treated la! I am always being the nice one going through the whole process of Hi, so and so you are so ....... what did you do?? and then he will just be starring at her and start all the smiling and talk to her by ignoring me and start waving to her and even gave her choco la and I will be the one who gains nothing out of this and people treats me as the one who is always being in middle separating people up!What is this?? I can't be always fufilling what you want okay?? I am always a human being and  come on lah I am not a doll that you can say I am okay don't worry we are not going to be ................ we are just friends now since everything is in place  and blaaa blaaaa. and I will be the one who says "un, yes since now things are in place, we should just stay put and we are still friends rite?? " but she gets all happy over waving hands , smilling and when twitches his tougue at her and telling her that I .... you can we ....... and she gets hype up and she calls this a ......

I am still here la people!! Who do you think I am?? I really regreted on what I have done but too bad there's isn't any time machine that I can go B.E.S.T go back in time and all sorts or even saying DELIVERY HALFWAY LOST memories can't be flash back and sorts cause there's no such things on earth!!! I am trying to get over it but it doesn't seem like is working and I am trying ignore the fact that this is so gonna be back like the old story but its also not working so i guess I will just have to bare with this and PEOPLE IF YOU THINK YOU ARE HAPPIER TO PUT MORE SALT ON MY WOUND AND THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUPER HAPPY AND YOU WILL BE HYPE UP BY THAT THEN GO AHEAD, ALTHOUGH YOU ARE SOMEONE WHO IS LIKE IN MY BLOOD RELATION!!

Thats all I can say, if you think this offensive or whatsoever please DO NOT HESITATE to contact me and I WILL DEFITENITELY DO SOMETHING!!!

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