Tuesday, May 12, 2009

threads of destiny2

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Threads of destiny.

1st of May, i watched this movie called Threads of Destiny wif my aunt, sis and i at TGV sunway pyramid. it was so touching, its so nice. The main character was so handsome and pretty. And i love the theme song too. Here's a short video clip.


I was bored, so i mumble something and i created a song.

Looking through your eyes, there's nothing u can hide
From now onwards, you are no longer mine
I can't survive without you
Why the birds still fly up high

Tears are fallin
we used to be together, when u were walkin thru my life
I tried to reach out for you
My heart is breaking

Don't leave me
Baby don't you know i need you so
Don't go away
I need you so much
I've never been alone before

Can you hear me
can't u just take me with you

Don't leave me
I need you so...
don't leave me..
i need you so..
can't live without you.


Okay, now its time for me to introduce you to some of the IDIOTS of my school.They are all girls not much of boys till now. These girls are IDIOTS, they think they the best out of the whole world, they are older than me, but they are commenting about my best friend i can't just live it like that and not say a thing.I think it is rediculousto talk about ppl on da internet and said it is all fiction it is not true. All these is rubbish ppl, you wanna talk about it, be brave to talk don't be a coward.
I don't wanna mention those names but u know who you are!! My friend didn't mean to do anything but its our duty, we are prefects, we need to do our jobs!!! And they say my friend is an kiss ass!! How terrible!!!
I regreted to tell something to my S*****. She told her friends and her friends posted it up, they wanna make a hell out of this, they are making a problem out of this!!!

P.S*: all the things i posted up its all non-fiction.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Last Saturday- WAS AWESOME!!

Last Saturday was the 2nd of May. And it is Lee Hom's Music Man concert!! It was so awesome, the graphics, the background, the clothings, his GUITAR!!! and more, it was so cool!!! He is so handsome he sang a total of 22 songs, its little but it was really touching when he sang all the love songs.I got the tickets cause,my aunt bought the tickets but she cant make it so my dad bought it from her.I was so happy on that day, Lee Hom's concert!!!! Lee Hom so handsome, so cute no one beats him but obviously in my heart NICHOLAS TEO and WANG ZI is more handsome than him but anyway he still come 3rd!! Haha!!
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