Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Acne & oily prone skin daily and weekly regime.

Hello :)
Its time for some acne &oily prone skin regime time!
This just how I take care of my face daily and weekly. It did really show vast improvement! So do try it out  if desire!

Facial wash- acne and oily skin care
Face scrub
Alcohol free toner
acne - free / hayaluronic acid moisturizer
rice/ aloe mask- wash off or peel off
*tea tree oil 
*whitening cream

(*) optional

Let's get started!

Wash face with acne& oil care face wash.
*using Biore's facial fit expert acne& oil care

Scrub face with facial scrub
*using neutrogena deep clean facial scrub

Tone face with alcohol free toner.* wipe it pulling upwards!
*using neutrogena's alcohol free toner

put on a thin layer of moisturizer.
*using aquajuju (aquamoist) hayaluronic acid moisturizer.

* put on a bit of whitening cream to help recover scares and lighten up eye circles.

Weekly *optional

put on a rice/ aloe mask.- wash off kind.
*skin food rice mask

Then you are done! but remember if you put on mask already put back a layer of toner and moisturizer to cover back pores!
*drink honey or water in the morning to prevent dehyration!

Natural brown- tutorial

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Hello! :)
Remember I said I 'll out up a tutorial on the look i used for my ribbon-look august post?
Nah, So here it is.

Items involved:

BB cream/ concealer
Crystal snow Foundation
Brown eyeshadow palette
white highlights
skin color- one color eyeshadow
black and brown eye liner
grey/ black eyeshadow
lengthening and volumizing mascara
peachy keen blusher
brown / nude lipstick
sparkly nudy lip gloss

Let's get started!

Star with a clean face. Prime your face with BB cream/ concealer and foundation.*powder/liquid

Put on a 1color eyesshadow first. Then use a brush to put a thin layer of dark brown on your lid.
Then, use a blending brush to put on a 2nd darker shade of brown above the 1st layer.*blend
Follow up with the lightest brown and roll it inwards.
Then brush a light layer of white on the brow bone to make it looks a little more natural.

Line your eye line with pencil liner 1st , then put on a thin layer of brown and black eye shadow to soften the harsh linings. 
Curl your lashes.
Coat on a layer of lengthening mascara 1st. Follow up with a volumizing mascara to create a false lashes look.*curl it once more if needed.

Dab on a thin layer of peachy keen blusher on the apples of your cheeks.
Put on a coat of lip balm , then the lip color follow up with the gloss.
*spray on a layer of face mist to set the look to make it look more natural and longer lasting.

*i know the picture can't really be seen. will try to upload a better 1 soon.

TADA! It's just so simple! This look can be worn for dinners, luches with friends or whatsoever event will just be fine! So do try it out!


* all pictures taken by my sony cybershot C510.
*hair - simple wavy curls.

Monday, August 30, 2010

temporary, paused?

Temporary paused?
I guess i will have to put a hold on a few things that I love doing. Since, PMR is an upcoming thing and my trials results sucked badly. I guess i will have to start studying and nom-ing up my books already.
Okay besides that, the other things that  I love to do is sitting in front of my comp and start typing and surfing the net to get in touch with some people , next, just sitting in front of a notebook of mine and start sipping on a hot cut of coffee or even dancing. These things i guess are just somethings that can draw me away from being insane and start imagining stupid things for awhile but now i guess i need to put a hold on them first! I will miss doing them but its just for a month so i guess i can get used to it eventually.
I won't give up blogging, I will still blog if i have the time but don't worry my beloved bloggie i won;t dump you!*grins
I will still keep you guys updated!




one step at a time.

I have been leaving my past all alone but somehow somethings have to be brought up once again.
I use to tell myself there is no point looking back as we can't change anything since is has been done but somethings just are unavoidable.
I am still walking back with some shattered pieces of memories and i look as if i am happy but I am actually not. I am depressed at times too not only you, i have been telling myself I have to forget about them and just keep moving as some things are predestined. I have a friend who are a little self-fish at times but accepted that fact as she is the closest to me . She is someone who moves on but she is somehow not too, i don't know why i feel annoyed but seriously its disturbing.
I can't say much as I have not really been through love and be loved all i can say is just take things one step at a time and I will always be with you when you need me and i hope i could create better memories for you and hope you forget about the bad ones. I know somethings are irreplaceable but ..............

yesterday is history today is mystery.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

simple wavy curls- in just 5 minutes.

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This will be a hair tutorial on simple wavy curls in 5 minutes by using a 18cm long hair straightener!
I mean 18 cm! Normally hair straighteners and curlers are longer than 20 cm for easy gripping but 1 thing its not easy to keep and bring along with you!
But if its 18cm then its easy!
I bought it from headcoverz shop at bangsar. It only cost RM39.90 and its super powerful! So go get 1 now!

Things you require:

hair straightener
hair serum
heat protector
hair tie- snag less

There's only 5 items that you need so its easy.


tada! 18cm hair straightener!

Step 1:

apply on hair serum and spray on heat protector all over hair.
*blow dry hair with hair dryer if needed

Step 2:

split hair into sections like picture 1 above. Then grip on hair straightener turn 180 degrees and slide out.
*vertically / horizontally also possible
* i personally prefer vertically as is easier to handle.
then repeat steps .

Step 3 :
spray on hair styling mist to set hair style and then you are way to go!
*add on hair accessories if desire!

*try this out, really works! do comment!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stuff for sale!

Hello! Remember I was saying that I will put some stuff on sale? So now, i will be selling them officially!

Reasons i am selling them:

-Going bankrupt!
-No use of it!
-Room space NO more!

1st item on list: MINISKIRT:
Size: Free Size (M. L) *i think
Original Price:RM55.90
Super comfortable easy to match.

3 quater Jeans:

Size: Free
Price: RM 20
Original: RM 30
Comfortable, stretchable.


Cawaii:  RM20
Package: 2 for RM35

Popteen: RM20
Package:3 for Rm55

 Deco&Deco:RM 40


do contact me if you want any products: or please leave a comment and I will get back to you soon!

Bye !

Thursday, August 26, 2010

ribbons? Looks- August.

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Hey yea people! Have not been blogging nearly for a week. Sorry cause I have got my trials so yea!
So today will be a post on looks- august but not my trials or even exam preps.

Ribbons are the trends for now , I guess. I bought a few pieces of clothing  and pricing is damn cheap and nice! So here they are:

Purple ribbon tank top.
Its comfy and its strechable.

its comfy and its knee- length.

pants salopette.

I wore 2 of them in ways like these:

I wore the grey dress. 
Leopard stripes 3 and a half inch heels-vincci
black twister bangle
hearts thick hair band.

purple tank top.
black panty hose.
black bangle.
axxezze round shell necklace.

Look for the month: Natural brown.
Inspired by seventeen Japan sept issue

tutorial up soon! so be right back!

its simple!

* i can see a zit over there! haha!*

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Justin live in Genting 2010- arena of stars 140810.

Last Saturday I was up in Genting to attend Justin Lo's con. It was damn awesome! I love it so much, i think i am still living in the concert night till now. teehee!
Below are a few pictures that i will show here and i will link a link to my fb page so that you can see the rest.
the stage layout. its fairly simple but nice!

another peek! futher shot.

dancing to "volar".

end of "volar"

singing to "决战二时祖"

dancing to wonder girls- nobody.

dancing to super junior-sorry sorry

He even took of his cap which caught all attention. We screamed and screamed like no tomorrow! He look so awesome and cool. Way to go JUSTIN!

Me and sis during his encore session. 
*I look weird!~

The concert ended at 11:15pm. All fans were still high till the next day. Will be scanning the newspaper scraps and posters on and post it on FB.

Videos of JUSTIN LO:





those are a few songs by him. they are awesome and fantastic! Listen to them you might like them too.

Friday, August 13, 2010

school concert/ feast day 130810.

Hey peeps, yesterday was our school concert/ feast day. It was kinda boring but okay overall.
I just love to watch the upper forms actually.
Below is a video clip on my sister's class performance called "let it blast/ 5M on fire."
song used:
bonamana- super junior
Nu ABO- f(x)
Cabi song- SNSD/ 2PM


school concert/ feast day 130810.

Hey peeps, yesterday was our school concert/ feast day. It was kinda boring but okay overall.
I just love to watch the upper forms actually.
Below is a video clip on my sister's class performance called "let it blast/ 5M on fire."
song used:
bonamana- super junior
Nu ABO- f(x)
Cabi song- SNSD/ 2PM


Photoshop weekend.

Hello. I and my twin Jessie has done a photoshop week on feast day and that's today the 13/8/10.
We didn't go out for shopping but instead we had more fun than we expected.
photoshop weekend!

Monday, August 9, 2010

past issues of POPTEEN, Cawaii.

Hey! I have some past issuesof popteen and cawaii. The chinese ver. ones. They are like 6 years back ones but the styles and some makeup tips are still in trend thats why I still flip it once in a while.  I will be putting them on sale as i am in need of CASH! Don't get me wrong, I am not bankrupt but i just want some extras as my purse is getting tighter and tighter each day. I will post the images up by the end of this week, prices are not expensive they are reasonable i guess. They are still in a good condition but some have my initials on it but inside NOTHING! So, i will post them up soon and  hope to hear from you guys soon.

Bye bee, need to proceed to the pile of books!hehe!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Currently love.

Have been doing  much lately. Spending too but controlling!
I am working on a webpage linking project as its a computer project.
Currently love :
Taeyang's wedding dress
Taeyang's SOLAR album
Jump No.1 album
My biore acne and oil care facial wash
My DOVE hair therapy
My aquajuju moisturizer
WangLeeHom's album.



Nothing much i guess just a short little post!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Okay fine!
You think you have thick face, I HAVE THICKER ONE!!
You said i have drag friends into this, didn't you? You know what you asked her, i don't have to mention.

Is just one message that got us into this. I just directly send a message on whatever the teacher told me to you. No one else misunderstand it except you! So shut up! You think you have gone through pain, i did too! Not only you!

I didn't mean to blog about you on here and cause of relationship to break and have an internet fight with you here but seriously, if you want this to happen then fine, you started of with it.
I am going to stop doing this, this will be the last one, and i mean last one! I don't care if you blog about me again, but i am going to delete the previous post. I apologize for all that stuff but it doesn't mean I am afraid of you or some sort.
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