Friday, February 19, 2010

The person that I will MISS!!

The person that I will miss, he will be leaving in no time.
He will be leaving tomorrow morning really early.
I will MISS HIM!!
He will be flying back to SYDNEY, Australia.
He is such a nice cousin , son , and nephew.
Althought he is older than me but HE still treats everyone the same way and he still treat me as who I am!
He is older but we don't feel the age gap at all!!

He brought back my new friend Aussie and Sydney

He is so kind.
I really will miss him, i don't know when I will see him again but atleast we still contact each other by emailing and fbook-ing.
He really has all the fashion sense too.
He also chose good plush toy for little children and he have a BIG APPETITE!!!!!
Here is a picture of him!!

He is my COUSIN

Will miss him certainly!!!

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