Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Is money so important??? At my point, i think money is important in every way, without money, we can't survive, we have to pay for the house, buy food,buy clothes and many more. With money, i can get all my Original Sound Track(OST), nail polish, movies,and many more stuff that i want!!! HAHA!!!

Besides that, without money we can't even afford to study unless u can get scholarship then you can study for sure!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

End of Skul Year!!!!

School is comin to an end ady, Hahahahah!!!! Gonna sleep , play computer, sms-ing,msn-iing, takin pictures all day long, haha! I can't be doing it all day long right?? So i think i should just do whatever there is for me, i guess. End of school year, i will love to go out with friends, and it is time to prepare for chirstmas!!! Chirstmas is comin up as well, i have to prepare gifts for all my friends espically for Suyesha and Carmen but also PeiChing. I think holiday time i must pay a visit to PeiChing, i like her happy family that she has. I miss her too!!!!!!

Friends Are ForEveR,
No Matter what Happens,
Friendship will still remain!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lovely memories.......

My lovely memories for my teenage life is were I met my best friend Carmen and Suyesha.They really made my teenage life with flying colours
. They made my teenage life full of colours, they are so much diffrent from the other people in my school.Our happy memories are we went for a movie called STEP UP 2, and we shopped around the shopping mall and we bought cool stuff. And lately we also when to KLCC and watched the hit movie HSM 3, it is so cool, i love the songs in the movie. We also shopped around the mall, we bought alot of stuff and we went to coffee beans for a drink as well.
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