Monday, November 29, 2010

purple eyemake-tutorial!

这次也是眼妆教学- 紫色眼妆!

halo! I am back after nearly a month!
Sorry I was busy for the pass weeks so thats why! Sorry!
This time will be a eyemake tutorial once again - its a purple eyemake tutorial!
I chose this color bacause its really warm and soothing colour and i think it kinda suits the season.


Put on concealer and BB cream or foundation as base.
fill brows if desire.
擦上concealer和BBcream 或foundation。
use a cream shadow base and apply on crease.
then use purple shadow to apply on half your lids.use a blue shadow to blend with purple shadow with a blending brush.
then follow up with a pink shadow to blend at the end of your eye. blend it inwards!
Then use a dash of gold shadow to dab on the beginning of your eyes.
line your eyes with a liquid liner and then line your 3/4 of your bottom lash line with a purple eyeshadow. then apply on a layer of mascara the volumizing ones!
再用金色的眼影涂在眼前-眼中。然后,用liquidliner 画眼线。下眼线,用紫色眼影画3/4的眼线。然后,卷你的眼睫毛再擦上一层mascara就行了!

for cheeks:
use cheek tint and dab on apples of cheeks.

For lips:
use lip concealer to conceal lips and then put on a layer of cheek tint/lip tint then put on a thin layer of lip gloss.

Product use:
Skin Aqua silky BB cream
laneige concealer
maquillage cream shadow base
maquillage duo purple and gold 
M.A.C  devoted poppy  in  fall deeply
etude house oh my eyeline
maybelline magnum volume express super film
benefit pop tint
in2it lip stick in tawny
benefit vip liggloss in bubblegum.

* picture not clear due to camera and lighting.
all taken with C510.

do comment!
thank you!
bye bye.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

changing domain-SOON.

Hello! I am back with a lil' scroll post.
Okay, go back to the title. I will be moving out from blogger most probably as the photo uploading limit is really killing me and getting on to my nerves! I can never upload my images through the uploader they provide! Whereas another domain allow me to do so without any limit! Now, I will have to post on my photos thru photobucket before uploading it here which is super duper uber not fun and troublesome of course so moving out soon.
I will also link the page back here too is just that there will be a lil' changes. hope you , readers don't MIND!

bye bye.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

red lips tutorial.

I 'm back with a tutorial!
If there is anything you don't understand just please drop a comment below or send me an email.

bye bye.

Beauty Exchange

this few days I am addicted to a site
its a side where I can get beauty and fashion info from.
its also a side where I can get product reviews from too.
Now there is also a sub side where I can be come a approved blogger to blog about beauty.Its not easy to join as you need to have a certain criteria. But everyone is eligible as long as you are a beauty exchange member and just follow procedures and then wait for an email then you are done!
So, I joined and I waited for an activation email as approval and its here now!
I will show you the email later when i am done with my uploader.
I will be linking my beautyexchange page at the side bar so please do click for latest tutorials and reviews on products.
there will be in dual language here too but takes time, so head there!
Then, here will be back to my normal!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Latest Updates :)

I am still editing the video on nude lips tutorial.
*will be up soon!
So, after that I will also upload video on Maquilage  Iconiq  rouge cheat one look.
Besides that, I will also upload a video on  red lips tutorial too.
So, please stay tune.
I have been trying out alot of looks lately but will also keep you guys updated on my


Red Lips.

Iconiq Maquillage Rouge cheat one.

Some people might wonder why my red lip look i wearing like my pj's.
I tell you why!
I feel super comfortable in it and I wear big tee's at home all the time! If don't believe ask my twin Jessie!
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