Saturday, June 27, 2009

MJ's children.

Michael Jackson's children names are called as Prince Jackson 1, Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson 2. They loss they dad just a few days ago and they really have too take up pressure that their dads sudden death and i am sure MJ will have the best for the children and the sing heal the world and you are not alone will go thru this tough time with them. I really love and miss MJ!!

MJ Rip..... Sad

The king of pop passed away on the 25th of June 2009. It s a sad thing, i am not really into him but i am sad cause he's a really good singer, dancer and a song writter too. He is not that old and he is the father of 3 children. He suffered a cardiac arrest, when he was sent to UCLA, he was already having a heart stop and doctors trying to save him but they just cant. It was really a shocking news cause everybody was really hoping to see him next month when he return with his come back tour but now he passed away. NO offence that he is abit weird looking but thru reading newspaper i think without knowing him as a friend he would be a friendly person. He is a talented person, he is born to be an entertainer as well as a performer. His ex-wife elvis preslry's daughther and Debbie Rowe and his friends can't stop crying with any emotion that is possible. I felt like crying but it just didn't come out on me. I somehow now missed him, MJ you rock to the max!!! You are not old, you are only 50, you are handsome, your dance moves are awesome, your singing is really great , you are a great dad to your children , you are a legend to the music industry you are a legend to everyone. Your songs are telling people something in some way. I really love the song " you are not alone" and "heal the world". Micheal Jackson you are a LEGEND to us to the country. But it is a great loss to everyone, but your song will live with us forever and ever no matter what!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

vintage clothes can be a trend to the youngsters!!

Vintage clothings these days people thinks that they should in the parents' closet but i dont think so cause i think vintage clothings can be a trend to any kind of age groups. Vintage Clothings they look great on anything you can match it with slacks, skirts, t-shirt , shorts and even more. They are just right there for you for just any events like party, dinner,casual shopping, a movie or even date. We look special and diffrent from other people. VIntage clothings it can be a trend to the youngsters like its really really nice it can be match with lots of accesories like scarf, bangles, ribbons, hairbands, necklace and even more. GO ahead and try it , i bet it will look good. I totally disagree that vintage clothes should bekept in the parents' closet!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stupid Wednesday!

What's up ppl!
i went to school today for the effing stupid sivik extra class, i went back cause i thought i will get some tips for da exams or something abt the sivik project, but i ended up getting stupid work!!I was like wat?! come on ppl these extra class is for us to learn something to buck up for exams not to do stupid work!
After school, Zhen's mum call to walk out to get to here car, i have to wait for Zhen, and there's no parking so she went one big round , and she ask use to cross the road, so we crossed the road, there was this stupid car i was crossing then suddenly this stupid car came across nearly bang me but i was smart and i was fast enough to run away and thx to GOD too, thx for protecting me!!=) and i reached home around 1 cos of the stupid jam! When i reached home, i got something to eat, there was PANCAKES!! YUMMY!! so i ate then i shower and now i am here blogging mean while studying. And mean time i was camwhoring, here are some panaromas shot that i have taken:

i guess i will do some white series and black series panaromas shot next time!

-m0m3nt of s!l3nc3-

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I am bac!!

Hey, have been a long time since i blog the last time. I was really busy the past few weeks or a month ago. My schedule was packed up thats why i have no time to drop by and post about what i have been doing lately. My last whole month was filled up wif prefects camp, teachers day celebration, staying back in school, choral speaking, and studying for exams @ more. I am really busy!! And now i am on another 3 new projects , my own projects!!! Like going on diet cause i ate alot during my trip to Kuantan, memorizing the choral speaking thingy, school magazine cover page thingy and i am looking for part time photoshoot jobs like what my cousin sister is doing to get cash!!! and i have to start on my school 2 projects, moral projects!!! thay suck, they are killing me, if i don't do it i will get murdered by the teacher!! And my duties are killing me too, my confirmation for my prefect thingyis next monthe so i have to work harder so i am like half dead ady!!! I guess now its time for a break, buti still have to buck up for some stuff!!!

Do contact me if u have so photoshoot to do
contact me if u found some new diet thingy!!!
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