Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bad day, today.

Bad hair day........ bad hair day......, tired as well. Hair today so messy and keep on combing also not tidy so angry. This morning don't feel good so just shower never bother to clean my hair. I thought my hair was okay so didn't bother to do anything to it, but after i reached school i only realised that my hair is terrible and it is not in its place, arghhhhhhh.............

This morning, also got something bad happen. The thing was, all the people that i don't really click with them they were at the school entrance.I was kinda scared to walk in to the school but i told myself i must be brave cause i cannot let those people bully me so i just don't bother about them and just walk in the school without bothering about them.

Everything is gonna be over because it is gonna be the end of the school year and i will be going to FORM 2 next year!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some people they are just diffrent from others , i guess.

Some people in the world like to do something diffrent from the others .Like me, i just love to dance and sing without anyone knowing, but some people dance and sing because they know that is what they looking for in their lifes. Sometimes i like to just turn away cause i guess there are nothing for me to say. Some people say that i am good in meeting people,talking and even more. But now i guess i should just be anti- social so i do not cause problems int he class like some of the people said last friday. I was really upset because some people they say bad words and they don't know how much it hurts. It really hurts it hurts deeply , my look shows that i am happy all the time but actually i am sad because of the big and deep cut that i have inside of me. I guess, FUNSIZED people are always getting the deep cut and they love to show their happy side at the outside. I may look like a strong person from the outside but the actual me is a weak person. Last thing that i would want to say is if you people read my blog or my posts if you people think that i am talking about you, and i would love to shout out to the world I ain't talking about YOU!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can love be erase of immediatly like a pencil written on a notebook??

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The picture above shows that the sentence 'I LOVE YOU ' is written on a piece of paper.It seems to be easy erased off because we think it is just written on a piece of paper. Actually, it is not so easy, it is so difficult to be rub off, it is not so easy as we think. Love is something that the boy and the girl have to share and spend together.Besides that, they have to know what the girl/guy likes.

Love is also something that we cannot take advantage of, love is something pure and sweet.Like the picture below:-

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Sunday, October 26, 2008


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YOU don't need to be THIN to be BEAUTIFUL, YOU don't need to be GOOD LOOKING to be PRETTY!!

YOU don't need to be thin to be good looking!!!! Size doesn't matter, Look does not matter!!! What makes the diffrence is your confidence!!! We just need to gain confidence to make us BEAUTIFUL in the outside and the inside. Not like some people who show off by using some bad ways like talking behind people's back so that others will think they are the perfect one!!!!

There's no need to show off, just gain CONFIDENCE you will the prettiest among all!!!!

I have my OWN STYLE!!!!

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I always will have my own style!!!! I love to put on some makeup sometimes but not always, I love to decorate my nail ,i love to shop my own style and besides that I LOVE TO BUY POUCHES!!!!!

I always have friends who love to SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!!!! We always have own STLYES!!!
I love to POP by these few SHOPS all THE TIME!!!!


Friday, October 24, 2008

I stay in a cookie ,muffin and CANDY town!!!

I am the Candy, Carmen is the Cookie and Suyesha is the Muffin!!! We are always together and never apart . I am the candy cause i like to eat sweets and lookin at sweet stuff and time to me are always sweet!!!

Carmen as the cookie is because to me she seems to like cookie.She spends her time drawing and even more, to me my drawing seems to look like COOKIE!!!!!Cool comment CLICK HERE !!!
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NOw is time for the BIG QUEEN, SUYESHA the MUFFIN!!! SHe loves to eat muffin!!! SHe always loves eating and drinking stuff like MILO and Chocolate CHIP MUFFIN AND COOKIE!!!!ANd her drawings she colour it in dark colours so to me it looks like CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFIN!!!!!
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We may be far away but friendship still remain, Just want to tell U I miss YOU!

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Friendship is precious like gold and silver, friends are always important to someone. No matter what happens, friendship will still remain. Friends are for us to share something with, care about something and spend our precious time together were nobody can spilt the true friends that are suppose to be!!!

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Something that we cannot do without each other is SMILING!! Smiling makes every single one happy. We have friends to do absolutely everything together!!!

There's so many things to do in the world, then HATING!!

There is thoudsands of things that we can do , if you do not want to do i suggest you to say I LOVE TO DO ABSOULUTELY NOTHING!! is the best word to say!! Besides that, in this world there is so many things to do instead of HATING!!! Hating is a bad thing, it is WRONG!!!! If i could control the world I would tell the whole wide world to stop HATING but LOVING!!! LOvinG is so much better than Hating don't YOU people out there think so????Love is absolutely better than HATING!! Loving means sharing and caring, Hating means calling people by rude and bad names, spreading rumors talking bad about people behind people's back!!!
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Come ON people please be more MERCURED than being more CHILDISH!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I ain't PERFECT but YOU ain't any better!!

In this world, there are some people who are really thinks they are so perfect and tall. They always think they are so great but actually they are nothing better then the others. They always say that I am SHORT but i don;t think so, i think I ain't short but I 'm FUNSIZED!! But there's no offence for TALL people!!!

Some people think that i always think that i am PERFECT but I am telling the whole wide world that I ain't PERFECT but YOU ain't ANY BETTER than ME!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hate me ain't gonna make u any better!!

There is some people in this world thinks they are the very best, but i don't think so!! There is people who even think they are very weak in everything but i don't agree with that! But all i know, HATE ME AIN'T GONNA MAKE U ANY BETTER!!!

In my school there are some people who recruit cool and tall and rich students into their group and start spreading rumors about other people but not themselves.That is not nice, but who cares , these people thinks they are the best all the time, so leave them alone!!

Since they like to hate people so much, but because now is the school final exam week i must well annouce to the whole world that wanna HATE ME leave it till the end of the YEAR!!!!


2nd day of exam is over!!

2nd day of exam is over!!!!Math 1, english and PJK is over!!! The exam paper was ok , not that difficult. Tomorrow, there will be moral, and Kemahiran hidup !! I think it is gonna be hard!!!But since later i got my Tap extra lessons, so i drop by here now!!So , now i must tell the whole world GOOD LUCK in our EXAMS!!!!!PLS PRAY FOR USE AND GIVE US SUPPORT!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

First day of exam is OVER!!!!

Finally, the first of my exam is over!!!!! THe exam paper was really kinda though, but i tried my best so let just wait and see how's the results like. HAHA!!!! Now since i got sometime so i came here(my blog) to just tell everybody about my exam today.

Now, let's talk about somethin else. After my school exam i have my tap exam!!! I also thought that i am the weakess among all but my teacher said everybody is equal, we must be brave so that we can excel in everything we do!!! I hope what she said is right, besides that i got lots more stuff waitin for me to go and explore so gotta go now, hopping back here later!!! Bye!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Final Exam is around The Corner!

Final exam is around the corner, it is really tiring when I have to study all day! I have 11 subjects to focus ON!! It is really tiring! The subjects are:-

1. B.M
8.Pendidikan Jasmani

I am hestitating!!!!I got so much more to buckup!!! HOPE U PEOPLE CAN PRAY FOR ME!!!
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