Monday, April 27, 2009


Today was terrible, the day was hectic and tiring. Early in the morning, reached school asked Jessie to take my books from my locker. Then i rush up to the auditorium to start my day. I usher the students and i asked the students to put on their ties properly.(thats my job!!) Then the bell rang, I usher the students to go to their lines and stop talking!! Then, the we start the assembly with the national anthem were people don't stand at attention, then follow up with the talking from Mr. Joachim and Mr. Peter.They came out with some stupid new rules, but i don't really care, i just bare with it. Then , after that i went back to class then one period of BM, Damn boring!! The after all the march past members go for their practise till 10 in the morning. The break! After all that, lets go to lunch time, i finish my lunch i hurried up and go to audi to start my duties, suddenly Jerome was asking me some question but i didn't bother. After we had computer lesson, boring i was playing with the computer instead!!(haha). Then , MOral the usual, boring talking and all!! Then Kesihatan time, Mr.Eugene asked us to go to the computer lab as he had something to do, so i and Jessie asked permission so that i can go look for jerome i need to talk! SO i went, when i asked to look for him, everybody is like 0.o Jerome, someone wants to see Jerome!! I feel a lottle oakward but i already knew it so didn't really bother.The after school, i look for my sis and tell her that i going home wif Zhen and Jerome!! We took the LRT back the day was terrible!!!

-natali3. cO0ki3-


HIM??? Who is the HIM??
It is impossible to say HIM when he is NOT YOURS!!!!
HIM, He likes someone else NOT LIKE WHAT YOU THINK??

I also HATE PEOPLE WHO CARES ABOUT YOU when YOU DON'T want them to care about you!!! They are like stalkers!!!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freshen up your life, freshen up your skin

All these ingredients are are simple to put together to make a great face mask. Just mash the following ingredients and let the mixture sit on your face 10-15 minutes.

1) apple+ honey+oatmeal
2)Avocado + Honey
4)Brown sugar+milk
6)Egg yolk+Honey+olive oil
7)Oatmeal+olive oil
9)Appricots +milk
10)Baking soda+water
12)Blended almonds+honey+egg white

it is all natural organic stuff but rmb try a little on the hand first before you put it on your face!!
some people might have alergy on some of these things!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a bad day today!!

Today, school was kinda boring but kinda intersting. BM period was boring and there was no teacher so i was busy talking to Jessie and Andrea!! We were talking about food like Ramen , Fruits, Banana Split and all!!! Before that, i went to 4S to jaga with Phyllis, Kenneth, MY senior -Elaine and ME!!! Around 7:55am Pn.Nabun came so we lefted, then i went back to my class, on the way back i dropped my story book on the floor, and i heard people laughing, (that is terrible ppl!!!) Then i went back, after all things, i went for break then go for duty!!! Then after that i went back to class, and Mr. Dominic was teaching ady!!! So i hurry up and went in and said MORNING SIR!!! Then suddenly Daphne and Joseph from FORM 5S ask to see all the Mark house members so me and jessie went out to see them and they were begging us to join march past cause not enough ppl so we like kesian them so we joined but then we regretted joining so we gonna look for Daphne tomorrow morning and tell her we dun wan to join, it was so tiring!!!!

After school, i went to my aunt's car and we lefted back home! It was so jam so it took us 1 hour to reached home! When we were at Jalan Ampang, i was listening to my songs thru the phone and i was so tired so i close my eyes so that they can rest then suddenly my phone rang with the song of CRUSH(n thats my message tone) so i look at it and there was a message so i look at it and i saw Jerome's name i was kinda shocked cause he was seating beside me and he have to SMS me!! So i smsed back!!! His message was" Why and when you joined march past??" and my replied was "Why do you care??" And we kept on messaging each other.......

And then we reached home not long after that.

The WOU post a post card contest!!

The contest has extended to 30th April. Luckily,pheew! I have not done any editing yet so i didn't submit, but now they extended it i can take my time editing and snapping more photos!!!! i wanted to post up soon but haven't got any good captions yet so didn't post up and edit it for submitting. This contest is so fun, and the prizes are so attractive!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

David Archuleta Showcase!!

last Saturday, me and sis went for the David Archuleta Showcase at Sunway Amphitheater. My sis won tickets from Hitz.FM so me her went, and i met Suyesha there, she got 1 free ticket. We love DAVID!!!!!

he sung a few songs, like- crush, touch my hand, a little too not over you, you can ,thousand miles and something??( i forgot)

Before David start to blow up the crowd, Hou Ren of ASQ 2008 performed , Alif from ONE In A MILLION and Daniel from Malaysian Idol started the show but the crowd wasn't as hot as when David appear!!!!

NOW DAVID IS HERE!!!!! His performance was so awesome , was so nice!!!!! Everybody scream and cheered for him!!!! His image is super clean!!!!!

-currently listening to touch my hand and BY2's 我知道。

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today is the holy thursday , and tommorrow is good friday and sunday is easter!! Yay , easter is comin in three days time, i can't wait till easter sunday!!! TOmorrow good friday our school take it as a holiday so i don't need to go school. AND PEOPLE, PAY ATTENTION!!!EASTER IS THE BIGGEST FOR CATHOLIC AND CHRISTIANS NOT CHRISTMAS!!! BECAUSE JESUS DIED FOR OUR SINS!!!

And one more good news, i joined the WOU post a post card contest, and i will post up the pictures soon. I also have an account in BLOGSKINS-nataliecxc2210.I got 4 skins there currently but will make sumore, so stay tuned, and my day is fine peeps, wat abt yours?


Monday, April 6, 2009

Confidence is the key to sucess!!

Cursor by EGO BOX

Today, suppose to be kar Weng's turn for announcements but he don't have junior so Ke Xin ask my senior Elaine wheather can i make annoucements this week.The obviously she said YES! so i got to do it. And last Saturday, was PMT and Prize giving day, so i got a prize and i got my report card. Quite shock wif my results but still must improve. Yes tomorrow no need to say back!! YAY!!!

I got so much of things to do, tomorrow got Sejarah test and i wanna read my story book so still don't know which want to do first.!

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