Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hey peeps!! i have been busy with a lot of things althought its school hols now but i am still busy for my own stuff and preparing for my vacation with my family this weekend!! Shhhhh!! i am not telling you where i am going but you will see it soon with all the pictures when i am updating my blog over there. So i have lots of good goodies from my mummy since she went to Japan for a company trip a week ago and europe 2 weeks ago but i have not taken any photos of what she bought for me from Europe yet but i will sure do! And Hanie all the stuff are here already but i am not sure whether is it the rite one that you want!! I also went for a 6B Lai Meng 2007 Alumni gathering last Saturday but not many people turn up but still i kinda enjoyed it though!! So last friday was the last day of school but i wasnt excited at all nor sad but yeah kinda happy since school's out!!! So now let the pictures do the talking and i have been cooking and baking these few days but there were no pix on it so too bad i also did myself my own nail art i know i am not pro but then at least i did something that i like and i did it myself and i love it so much!!

Here are the pix peeps!! have fun!!

The sweets which is really colourful but sweet!!

all the sweet stuff that mummy bought!!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

things are changing , we are far apart!

Seriously things are changing and we are way far apart.
This few days i didn't really enjoy school cause things just keep changing, friendship are getting far apart, backstabbing people, world of boredom and another thing is cause of the concert!
Let me list the down the things that has changed without her knowing and him knowing. I don't want to tell you they are cause i know they will know who they are and i am sure they will not feel bad after reading my post that i is posted up here so i guess i can start with my heavy heart now which is killing me deep down inside.
Okay, situations are now plainly getting worst and people are turning blind i guess. She and him are plainly acting stupid and thought that no one will know but too bad its just wayyyy obvious and she started change and she start backstabbing people to another girl. ( i dont mean to use the word backstabbing but its the only word i can use to describe.) We use to be twins we know each other alot althought we just met this year but when he came into the picture i already knew that things changed but she kept saying no but i do realise it cause its just right infront of me if i couldnt see it i guess i am blind and i am just acting stupid. I dont bother doing anything cause i know whatever i do is wrong at your point of view and you wont bother about what i say so i guess i better shut up and leave u alone i dont think i deserve to be your twin and stick with you anymore, i feel terrible and its slowly killing me. I got no one to pour all this out except my blog, i know you read it and u will get mad at me but its the only way i can get this out myself and realise that we are never meant to be together as a twin. I know i am a little harsh but i guess its the only way that i can leave you alone without me interrupting you and him and her so i guess i will be alone without sulking but enjoying my time in some other way. I know we have spent lots of time laughing for no reason and doing stupid stuff and thats the way we act but i guess now everything changed and all these will not happen again.
Okay lets forget about all the above and we shall talk about something else. Lets talk about the concert that is coming up! The concert its like just next week so everybody is busy practising. Our bhangra we have not been that serious in practising since a few days ago cause we know all the steps and we are confident enough to stand on stage and do it so lets do it people!! the scottish dance was nice very entertaining and other performances were nice too but i guess we shall wait till the cincert day and we will see full show!!!

I am going for the reunion on the 22nd but i guess it will be my last day of having stupid actions and laughing for no reason for the year. I guess today will be my last post talking about all these things and i hope i can put all these a side if i have the courage cause both are my friends which i cannot let down either one but i guess i will have too. Friends also have their boundries not just the lovey dovey thing so NATALIE stay positive and plan ahead and have fun!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Compile everything from last week till now!!

Hey everybody!
Okay lets start !
Okay, last Friday me, Hanie ,Jessie and Zhen when to TS cause me and hanie got a free ticket for movies at GSC! thx GSC! but to bad the ticket can only use for movies which are 2 weeks after showing so we couldnt use it because the movie we watch "the time travellers wife" just got into the cinemas on the 29th October which we went on the 30th! we walked there and we changed i bought alot of stuff but then not the others i felt left out!!! i bought 4 cd's ,some stuff from a drugstore or u so called 'make-up store'. the movie was kinda boring cause most of the scences are kinda oppscence its alot of kissing scences and miscarriages. After that, we walked around and we went to Baskin Robbins!!!

We took the train back we got lost at the middle of no where but at last we got home! we were so happy and we felt relieved!!

Last Saturday i went back to my primary school because they were having their 80th anniversary so i went back and it got some pictures and i also catched up with some friends too. First i went there i thought i was the only one there so i called my friend Jie Fei i saw her waving at me from far so i walked up to her but in the end i walked back alone cause i thought i didnt want to interrupt her with her friends but went i was back there i saw Li ling, Xiang Yi, Qayyim, and Hans!! The first one i talked to was Hans because he started the conversation so we were walking and we saw our form teacher!! so we took a picture with her and then i ended up walking around with Peiching then i saw Mei Gan. Before i left i took a picture with Hans and Qayyim which me and Hans didnt want Qayyim to be in the picture! Wen i was there i saw everyone i was i am so small and everyone is so big!!! i need to grow taller!!!

Okay, now i think i shall talk about my tap exam. My tap exam wasnt that bad after all i got all my steps right but not the free rythm i got a little mistake there!! but i hope i can get a 'B' this time!! the examiner smiles 24/7 i think its a little scary but she is friendly!!

Okay lets talk about this week stuff since today is already Thursday! On Monday, I went to school i practice the bhangra dance and all but school was boring!! So the next day i got a little tummy ache and i didnt want to go to school so i skipped school that day the attendance wanst that great either! Then on wednesday i just realize i needed a punjabi suit and all the accesories by thid friday so i borrowed it from Pn.kasthuri and i got it today! She even gave me the bangles as a gift and the punjabi suit she havent wor it before and she lend it to me! she is so nice! thx pn.kasthuri!! I even chatted with hans for nearly and hour yesterday and the day before and i got some shocking news which i didnt realise it when i was in standard 6. but anyway we had a fun time chatting with each other!

Oh ya, one last thing is the reunion for class 2007(6B)at Pavillion on the 22nd of november . if u are turning up pls contact ZAinab!! and pls pass this message around!!

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