Thursday, July 29, 2010

coffee, tea or STUDY?

currently listening: Taeyang- wedding dress
currently doing: sipping on my hot cup of coffee, studying, checking out some new videos.

So, coffee, tea or study?
I obviously chose my hot cup of coffee and study as PMR is approaching.
Coffee? It keeps me awake so i could focus and nom up my whole book on history, geography and life science. MATHS not to forget!

School is also currently busy with the preparations on school concert and some other stuff too. done the audition yesterday, peoples comments was okay overall but personally felt that it sucked badly but other members of mine said was fine compared to practice , okay then i guess.

Next week will be a busy week for us FORM 3 peeps! We'll be on a week on tips and tactics to tackle PMR questions. Personally believe that it might help in some way or another but to me its just a way to get away from class and be studying with your friends in other classes! fml?

Busy week huh?
a month away from PMR! nerve recking but hope it comes by soon so that I could get over it  and I could enjoy after that.

So got to go now! Bye bee.

*still sipping on my coffee!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


let's see what am i currently doing.
not sure random!

Friday, July 23, 2010

latest updates.

currently listening: DT- 灰色河缇
currently doing: editing photos, chatting.

What have been on my schedule recently? wonders*
Ookay, this is it:

1) school concert Audition
2) Trials
4)cope up with TAP!
5)finishing up pile of books.

so, thats it!
School concert audition, is a hassle. Couldn't make our performance a success due various reasons. Might change it to be contemporary tap. Might and i mean Might. Nothing more nothing less.

TRIALS AND PMR! Trials are a week after the school concert. Who is the smart ass who created the school calendar? -scratching head.-
After trials are the real PMR! PMR to me is shit and i have no idea half the time where the teacher is, so I will have to eat up the whole book myself in this 2 months, which is highly impossible.

Tippy tappy tippy tappy.
shoes! Steps! swirls! Turns!
ArghhhH!!!! all killing me. temporary pause due to PMR sake. will resume in a month time, don't worry!

so the school con audition will be on the 28th of July. SO GOOD LUCK fellow dancers of mine!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sexual affairs at young age atting deadly serious!

Have been reading the newspapers these days and realise that news on sexual affairs at young age like from age 15 and up are getting deadly serious.
I guess we really need serious and efficient education on this matter. We do learn in schools but I don't think its working as the media and and some influences by the parents and some friends out there are educating the wrong information to the teenagers out there.

I myself as a teen , I personally think that education about this matter is so-so in our country. I can still stand strong spiritually as I have the help of the right people and GOD. Not that other religion or whatsoever has not educate their child but is just that their are being brought up by different ways and all, just that it! I also think that media  companies should be responsible on what they are airing because if they are airing the wrong information, we might just watch it and absorbed it without knowing. You can search on youtube, there are tons of ads on various items have ads with sexual appeals and all which is not encouranged by our parents, schools and others not to watch but is just impossible as we will be glue to a channel when we are watching somethin in particular as we don't want to miss a single bit of it!

Besides, I think that parents should help bring up their children in a safe-secure place and educate their child in a worthy and good manner on this issue too.

Newspapers does their part by giving us the latest updates by informing us on the latest numbers of sexual- addictors now and then , and also about the cause of  what you do if you are having sex and also the tricks that guys cheat on girls so that they can take advantage of them too but how much can they do? you tell me!

I really hope, that our government can make a change, and also our media, parents and some social welfare do something to make a change.

* will be posting up videos upon this matter
*will be looking up on news about this matter too.

*above are just my personal opinions no affliciates with anyone. If you feel offended please do not hestitate to conctact me!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Latest Updates!

Once again, I am back! I have been MIA for a while due to PMR preparations. I know, some of you might think why the heck am I preparing so damn early but I am telling you PMR is not far there's only 88 more days to go means about 2 and a half months like that la.

Been abandoning my bloggie for a little while but I am back!! Will update more frequently now!! So be sure to be here all the time!

I am sick! I was only sick yesterday, i got flu and suddenly cough then this morning I got fever but now no more! BYE BYE FEVER! I was wrapping me "WAN TAN" in school yesterday for the whole day! But now still wrapping but not as bad! My nose was pratically falling off yesterday but no more!!

Okay, forget about that part. I will be ordering the non-no august and another mag from kinokuniya. Will be looking thru them and see what i can show you! I will also be posting up some diet tips of mine on my summer-reminiscences too.

I also ordered some dekoden from MINIMAOS too. Will be decorating my phone and some stuff if I want! I will be posting them up once is done!!

So i have got to go now, be sure to be back for more!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fun and Games day!!

Yesterday was a day of fun and games with some kids in school and also the fellow interactors!
We interactors organized a day of fun and games for the children of sunbeams home for children.
We spent nearly the whole day from 9 in the morning to 5pm as we needed to clean up the place.
We did alot and we also camwhored alot too!
For more, i will update tomorrow so do stay tuned!!

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