Thursday, December 30, 2010

Melludee's Love yourself camwhore competition :)

Hello! Today I had some photoshoot session with JF as I needed some ideas for Melludee's Love Yourself camwhore competition!

Melludee's link
Love yourself camwhore competition!

* My love yourself header!

Now my few camwhore shots!

*Me with Lulu!- this was taken by setting the timer!

2nd shot!

We are loving ourselves!
*taken with self-timer!

Another shot!

4th shot!
Me with another friend of mine- Celine.

Another random shot of me again!

took when I was offguard.
*thats why i look stupid, but isn't that the point of camwhoring?

Another offguard shot!

So yeah, here are my shots for the camwhore competition!
Most of the shot are offguard shots and they are all taken by the brilliant CANON IXUS60 and timer!

for more shots:

password: lovelove

* tomorrow i will be having my last post for the year and I will be having my 2011's new year resolutions. So if wanna know stay tuned!- inspired by myau-club



Today was a day filled with AWESOMENESS!
Just watch this and you will know why.

Our First Video!

The SEXY photos!

Now,  some pictures of today's photoshop weekday!

The photographer and me :)

I heart NATURE <3

Just another shot :)

I look tall! Yay!

The awesome photographer!- JIE FEI.

the photographer took me off guard.

for more pictures, i will create the link and repost this again!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Emy's giveaway!

I have been updating quite frequently as I have been popping out with tones of ideas when I was
reading through blogs like

They are just awesome! I really love reading them, they are just so inspiring at all times to me, this makes me want to blog even more when I see the amount of followers they have!
Okay, besides that is about Emy's giveaway!
I usually take part in giveaways on youtube by makeup guru's, but never won any of them actually!
So this time I am going to try my luck on Emy's one!

I found this on Melludee's blog-melludee
So if you are interested! go to her blog!and do the same!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MY 2010!

Hello! Today i will summarise MY 2010 in one post for you!

Basically MY 2010! wasn't anything special but it was still something that I can look back at!


1st day of school and created my resolution for the year and my SO SORRY post!
read this for more info!
So sorry post!

It was the month that I prepared with a rush for a card for someone whom I will miss!

for more read person that I will miss!

Its the month that I was having kinda confused, i think.
once again
* no pictures for this month!

The hectic month! This month was full of school events, was rushing like hell for them all!
Fun and games day!
Just click on the link and there will be tones of pictures that will pop out!

A month that was full of girls drama! I was practically in a cold war with my twin for nearly 2 weeks.
But now we are okay! we now look like this!
read this:decisions.
* I know i look horrible but who cares! as long as my twin looks awesome!

It was the month were I was just plainly updating as I need to keep this blog alive!
I was blogging crap all the time!
July was the month that i was rushing for auditions and all but we didn't succeed!
 read more: updates ,updates.

It was the month that I started posting up tutorials.
I also got into another web argument with another girl too, don't talk about that anymore it was hell!
And also the month that I made my first business sucessful online!

It was a month where I discovered original music by youtubers were awesome!
This guy JianC made my day up till now with his song!
I also just realise that my blog were like dead in september because there was only ONE post!

This month was a month that I made friends with some Japanese and also a month that I posted up a video that received some  complimentable comments.
More friends!
Hanie's birthday video!

WOAH! this month for me was the month that my parents and my sis say I got no life month!
I was basically video taping myself as I was doing 3 makeup tutorials!
This month also a month that I discovered myself that I was good in taking photos too!
redlips tutorial.
finally December!
It took me years to do this! I am so happy! it took me like 3 hours!

This month is the month of the season! It was also the holidays month where everybody will celebrate Christmas with there love ones, including me! Its also the time where people rush to the shopping malls as MYES! was around the corner!
This month also a month that I made criticisms and also adverts la.
Ahhhh, besides also a month that I was going the most one la, cooking sessions and all.
*pics will be up soon, in progress editing.
laurierXsofy=NO MORE PAIN!
girls please use deodorant!
Cooking session.
Christmas 2010!
* best pic so far with her!
I love this pic as if makes me look as if I got sharper chin!

in conclusion,
I LOVE 2010 as it was awesome!
It was filled with pain, tears , happiness and all!
It was just a year full of everything!
MY 2010 will be one of the most memorable ones, i think.

I am looking forward to 2011!
I want to challenge myself more with more challenging things!
In a few more days 2010 will say byebye to us and 2011 will say hihi to us!
So lets cherished the last few days of 2010!

I want to thank all who have made my year 2010 awesome!
I also want to thank all those who I have made friends through online and offline.
Not to forget, to thank this awesome blog as it allows me to blog about everything on earth that I want!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010.


I have been a lil' busy with some preparations for parties and gifts for Christmas until I got tired to blog.
Now, since its a day after Christmas and things starts to settle down , so I can sit down and chill and tell everyone about my Christmas!

Let's start off with Christmas Eve.
I had my Christmas dinner at Tony Roma's , Pavillion with my family.
We ate a set dinner for 4 each at RM79.90. It consist with chicken , shrimp pasta , appetizer platter , ribs and steak. We even added a fried mushroom platter! It was superb uber YUMMY!!!!!!
So, here is me and my sis'

*my face looks pretty tired and oily due to my lack of sleep and the humid weather.

Pavillion was flooded with people!!!!!!! If you wanna walk also ,cannot keep your head up because all the people smoke and sweat and then they push you and all. I rather die than go there la. Its because its Christmas and I have to got there for a pupose thats why I go there if not I don't think I will fight with hundreds of people just to walk at some mall.

The deco was super nice! The people just stand around the area to take photos, they don't bother eventhough they are blocking the way!

Wanna see more of the deco click this link:Pavillion Xmas Set up

Of course, me and sis took a few photos.

-High Dango Bun
-Blue loose one piece
-Black full ankle leggings.
-Blue stripe converse by Rubi
-Coach bag in Papaya khaki.

*NO make up at all, I was rushing to prepare myself as I started doing it late. I just prep my face with moisturizer, concealer and lipbalm anf lipgloss.Then out I go.

We were like stuck in the car park for 45 minutes. Bored, We camwhore.

Couldn't post the others since, I look ugly!
This was the best among all!

Christmas Day.
My family went to church early in the morning as there was a service. I gave out handmade cards to my friends and they gave me presents! I didn't received much this year but I think that one short christmas message will be thoughtful enough since its the thoughts that counts! So just appreciate whatever you get, as you don't people to not like whatever you give them, rite?

Then at night, I had a small gathering with my dad's side. There were kinda lots of food, we all ate till we can't fit any into our tummy anymore!

Sharmaine and I!

She basically freak my sis cat out! She was so hyper! She stayed up the whole night running about like mad! 

 But she is CUTE!

So yeah thats all! Nothing much for Christmas this year! 

School is starting already ne~, done your preparations yet? 
I am kinda done! But actually no mood to go school yet! More holidays please?

Anyway, I have got to go nao, thanks for reading! 
Comments, k?

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Monthly blues- now no worries!

hello! I have been like no pictures of me camwhoring lately since I am like really bloated up in certain area like my eyes and cheeks as my monthly blues is here saying hi to me!
I used to be worried over my walking and sleeping positions but now no more thanks to these 2 products!

*Pics maybe sensitive to certain people!

SOFY's comfort night 40cm! This is magic! No matter what posture you sleep in no leakage safe till the next morning! No more hassle on thinking about what if it leaks out I will have more job to do and all!

Not to forget for day!

Laurier super slimguard!
This is like the feeling of wearing nothing! Its so slim till you can't feel anything! Its comfy to itching and anti- allergy! Well absorbent too! This is a lil' more expensive like about RM36 for 2 packs on sale not really sure Normal price is what la, but its damn good to use!

Last time I used to hate wearing pads as its troublesome and all now to me no hassle at all! Just bare in mind every 3 hours change once for hygiene reasons and your day will be as happy as ever!

SEE? No more pain!
Life with Laurier and SOFY= NO MORE PAIN!

*All products purchased by me none others. Not advertising any product.


Cookie session at JF's.

I am back again! I have been updating like nearly everyday, wtf. I am like those bore lonely people who has nothing to do then come and blog like no life shit like that. Nowadays, I cook, bake, blog and try-out looks for tutorials and all basically boring like shit at home.

Since nothing to do right, I went over to JF's since she ask me too. We baked cookies and cooked spaghetti. 
But cookies failed epically! Spaghetti was AWESOME!
I left house at 255pm to meet her at the supermarket to get some ingredients then head over to her house later after that. We didn't start immediately since we were lazy , we laze around and walk around before started la.

*pics heavy and words heavy.

*something went wrong in the midst so please do forgive.
-multi purpose flour
-2 eggs
-2tsp of baking powder
-crunch nuts
-choc chips
-baking choc

Let's get started by melting the chocolates.

Its in the midst of melting, melt it with a bowl over a pot of boiling pot of water.

Mean time, beat the eggs and melted butter in the bowl like this!

Then after that , add in the flour, cocoa powder, melted chocolate, baking powder, crunch nuts,  choco chips then mix it up with milk then done!

End product!

Then we took photo with the BIG COOKIE!

I have no idea what happen to the photo in the midst! nowadays, photobucket isn't just working the way I want.

Whatever lah, end this post nao. Pictures said it all!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Givenchy snowy black review + differences between sunplay skin aqua BB cream & Skinfood aloe BB cream + Daiso items.

Hello! I am blogging again. The last post was on deodorants and some people mentioned that it was mean through my facebook inbox, twitter and even emailed me.
Anyway, today i will be doing reviews and two items from Daiso.

*bloated with pictures and words.

Let's start with "GIVENCHY SNOWY BLACK" eyeshadow quad.

The outlook. As usual the "givenchy" logo.

The inside.
The first one from the left its a grey-ish black.
Down from left is matte black.
Top second on the right is shimmery grey-ish black.
Down from right is shimmery black.
It also comes with a applicator too.

Overall, its a good product. Its very smooth to be applied on and its long lasting.
Its not easily smudge and its good for a smokey eye look. I highly DO NOT recommend you to purchased it if you just want to use it as a smokey eye look pallette as its to expensive. If you want to purchase a pallette for smokey eye I recommend you to get pallettes from MJ or sasatinnie. They are inexpensive and good quality too.

Let's move on to the Skin Aqua BB cream and Skin Food's ALOE BB cream.

This is the color and the packaging. If you want to know slightly abit more about this product check this out here.

So, I have promissed that I WILL do a post reguarding the color and the texture. Nah, here it is.
The color is okay, fits all skin types and colors. Suites Asian Skin BEST! Its really easy to manouver and applies on skin without leaving greasy-ness.
This is good for places like hot and stuffy places as its really light and thin that won't cause pores clogging.

Now, the skin food one.
The outer more eco friendly looking since is GREEN!
The color its a wee bit darker than the SUNPLAY one.
Its not so easy to play with actually. But the scent is totally better than SUNPLAY.
It kinda like heals your scares a lil' as there is Aloe Vera extract in it.
This BB cream is good if you are going to places which are dry like air-conditioned places as it does not turn your face looking oily and it won't feel dehydrated.

Now the last thing. Daiso Items.

I got like a pack of foundation puffs. FALSE LASHES-2 pairs.
ALL for RM10!
So, the puffs are in triangular shape. There were rounded ones and square ones but I chose this instead.As you can see there are 13 pieces in a pack. So can use quite long as I don't apply foundation on as frequent as BB cream.
False lashes 2 pairs for RM5.
There were like tones to choose but I chose this one since its 2 pairs and looks natural.
This one is the " Faux Clis" in No.129.
They basically looks like this:
 I will try this on later and do a video and blog post on it so please stay tune. For now, I can't really tell you anything as I haven't try it before.

The puff:

So as you can see its really good in absorbing. And really good in coverage sector. And NO excess on puff!
So, 5 bugs cheap and good!

Okay, i guess thats it. I shall stop here and post tomorrow as is superb long nao!

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