Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I'll tell you everyday- Jian Choo and Robynn Yip

Remember, a while ago I did a review on a youtuber? A singer-song writer? Remember?
If you don't read this Youtuber-JianC
So, he is back with a new song! Originally composed by Jian Choo and Robynn Yip.
Whatever now, get back to the title!- What I'll tell you everyday.
Hey, this is Jian Choo and Robynn Yip's new song and official music video!
This song is really awesome and the tune is something easy to remember!
Please click the like button if you would like to download em' by any chance on itunes!
So if you want it, you click it!
NOT to FORGET spread this good news to your friends and family.

Visit Jian Choo's facebook fan page and youtube channel:

why not on twitter too?

Robynn Yip's:

Here you go! the official music video!

bye bye,

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