Sunday, February 28, 2010

What really matters

Hi guys, this post will be something diffrent from what you have always seen from my other posts. This post is something about how I can live my life without questioning myself but still living each and every other day of mine as happy as ever with my friends and family.

There is something that I would like to share before talking about how I can live my life as happy as ever.
I remember in standard 6 to form 2 or even until now there is some people talking bad about me like my friends , best friends , family or even strangers. I felt so bad so i tried to prove them wrong and do everything so that i can please them and all but I realise I wasn't happy at all. In standard 6, I used to have 3 best friends and out of a sudden I just lost all 3 of them and everything of mine came into a stage that I was flashing back on what i have done to make me lose them and I just couldn't get the answer but I was happy cause at least there is someone who helped me throughout that period and that was PEICHING!! She was such a nice girl and she taught me how to pray to god althought I go to church. She and her family prayed for me and thank god that now everything came to and happy ending althought I don't contact them but I know that if I continue to look for an answer this won't help but it wound just make the wound worst. Thank god that he helped me to put this case to an end. When i was in F1 and F2 people just hated me cause I was being a "teachers pet" but I know i am doing the rite thing and this what a obedient student have to do and i never regreted after doing it.

So, the whole thing is about how people hated me, backstab me and how i lost my friends but I didn't regret what I have done because I have 3 best friends that helped me and brought me to a point that now where I, Natalie should be.

There is a few things I have learnt through this period and that is do not question yourself after what you have done and do let go your anger and your feelings when you have too , or even talk to the counsellor or the briefrenders team if you have too. Besides that, I also learnt how to think about other people more than myself and build a stronger inner life through the lifetime obstacles and look forward and don't ever look back at what you have done. Another thing is believe in yourself that you are stronger than you think you are and god is always with you!!

Besides, we are only humans nobody will know what will happen tommorrow or even in our future so don't look back and just look forward! put this in mind!! I also believe than love can be seen by the blind, can also be heard by the deaf and be spreaded by the mute.

So, start to love, live and appreciate everything, every place and everyone  START LIVING!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The person that I will MISS!!

The person that I will miss, he will be leaving in no time.
He will be leaving tomorrow morning really early.
I will MISS HIM!!
He will be flying back to SYDNEY, Australia.
He is such a nice cousin , son , and nephew.
Althought he is older than me but HE still treats everyone the same way and he still treat me as who I am!
He is older but we don't feel the age gap at all!!

He brought back my new friend Aussie and Sydney

He is so kind.
I really will miss him, i don't know when I will see him again but atleast we still contact each other by emailing and fbook-ing.
He really has all the fashion sense too.
He also chose good plush toy for little children and he have a BIG APPETITE!!!!!
Here is a picture of him!!

He is my COUSIN

Will miss him certainly!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Movie review Chinese Movie- 72家租客

Today my family and I went to KLCC and watch 72 tenants of prosperity. It was really funneh, like really funneh!! It has over 100 actors and actresses in the movie. It wasn't that bad after all, its a movie that can give you unlimited laughter and a time to bond with your family after watching the movie. We were talking about the movie after watching it cause it was just really funneh!

I was laughing like there wasn't tomorrow but it wasn't that good in the language part because the language is really crook and all if you're below 13 please seek for parental guidance while watching the movie. The parts of the movie is really great it does relate to the past and the before. I also tried looking for the older version of the show but it isn't call “租客”but "房客" but it does has a little relation.

The director of the movie is Eric Tsang and its really great he did it really well. The actor and actresses did their part thats why the movie turns out so great.

I will rate this movie 8.5 out of 10. I know it can be better. So do watch it and also try watching our Malaysia's own CNY movie " Tiger WooHoo" its really funneh too. It is acted by our own radio DJ's from MY FM and Astro AEC's hosts. It is not so bad I will rate it 8 out of 10.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Xiaxue's guide to life.

Hey peeps, a week ago I went to this blogger's blog

Its's so freaking funneh and I think is comparible to  Dawn Yang's one but I think both is kinda equally good la. NO OFFENCE to Dawn Yang la.

I went to Xiaxue's blog and I found her vid's on and its really funny. Its like a reality show perform by this funny women but then beware there is some bad words in it. So, if you are 13 and below please seek parental guidance before watching it.

and then you click the scroll bar and move it down and you will see this " Xiaxue's guide to life" and you can watch all the episodes or not you can press the key on your keyboard"pg down or Page Dn" and then do the same thing  then all the episodes will just appear infront of you!! ^^

So, here it is. Its what i am recommending you to watch. So do watch it!

2nd day of CNY.

2nd day of CNY was exhausting and dreadful but was kinda fun la not so bad.
All my relatives were at my place and because of DARYL we ordered YONG TAU FOO and PIZZA.
The food was delicious .Ymmmm.....
We played cards and chit-chat so we can catch up with Daryl.
I even got my new friend all the way from Sydney , Australia!! THX DARYL!! ^^
My new friend from Sydney
Aussie and the brother Sydney

I got a picture with my new friend too^^
I know i look weird but Aussie and Sydney is still so cute rite??

See so cute rite my new friend.
At night , we also went to Aunt Helen's place for dinner until 11pm and we finally got home and i started to "photoshop" Daryl's card until 1o'clock and it looks like this:
This is what i did for Daryl in return for the KOALA. I know it looks suckish but its okay I guess as long as the thought counts.
So here it is . I don't have any pictures for the day on WNW because people were at my place so there is no outfit of the day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My portfolio's

Today will be the day that i share my artworks with you guys. I know it looks extremely stupid but for a beginner like me i think is pretty nice^^.

This is call - more than abstract.
its with the electrical lines , clouds, so called moon effect , water splashing effect and abstract paint.

This is way more simpler- the splatter with skyline
its splatter paints ,with city skyline and bokeh light effect.
So there it is, i know it looks stupid and sounds stupid too but i think its not too bad after all, haha^^!!
In the next post i will reveal my new friends to you and my CNY day 2 to you guys. So come back for more=)
-luv Nat.-

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Lunar New Year!!

Today is the 1st day of the LUNAR NEW YEAR!

What did you do today?



it was really DREADFUL!!

Went from Puchong to Puchong then HOME!!

Took an hour drive back from Puchong then I hurriendly got showered and then TV SHOW!!!

While watching i ate a bowl of


Then posted a look on LOOKBOOK

This is what i wore for the day.
Then after that, i played with the comp till 1 o'clock while "photoshopping my ideas and photos"
and also doing somethings for my cousin who will be leaving back to SYDNEY after this CNY!!
will be back real soon stay tuned! =)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it possible?- decision

Is it possible for something to happen if there's no connection? of course not!!
I have been packed up with alot of decisions to make at this point but i know what I want and need to there's no need to worry about it so no need bye bye worries, haha , lame!!^^
I often have this feeling in me that I will die if I don't do this now!! I feel there's people talking bad at me but who cares, i couldn't care less la its like not my problem if they talk because is their mouth they can say whatever they want its pointless to tell them so leave it alone its not like it bothers me.
The decision that i have made was a little unsatisfactory for the ones who care for me as well as myself so i decided to make a resolution as you will see it a little later cause i am still planning on it=)
I decided to change the most inportant thing of my life to set it a side as so i call it the side dishes where i put my main course as something else which is more important to me at this moment of time but i swear this will change after a certain period.

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