Sunday, September 13, 2009

I guess the decision has been made =)

Okay... I somehow felt that someone has already made the decision. I don't know why i feel that way but i think its just how life goes especially in secondary school years. tee hee ^^

and after all the things i have been doing throught the 2 weeks i think i am getting down with a cough and flu but not H1N1 don't get worried HAHA!! Okay get back to the main subject, i was kinda happy when they annouce the shortlisted people to run for the post of Shool Captain of 2009/2010. They are : Clament Tay, Yong Phei Ee, Adeshavar and Kar Weng. I guess this will be the best choice cause others just i dont know but they are the good ones i guess! After that, we got a new duty schedule so there's only 2-3 places that i dont feel like dutying there but luck just fail me i got Mini Court, that place is just a disaster for me! And no choice gotta bare with it.

Past few days, i was kinda paying attention of that persons MSN message cause its really kinda click with what i am thinking. Now, the message is THANK YOU=) so i guess the decisions has been made after brain storming all the things has been happening this while. But i guess that girl who is going against the same person so i think the decision is just her!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am still an idiot!

Okay, after a few days of thinking about everything that has been done, i think i am still an idiot. I don't know why but i feel weird cause things around me are changing or rather moving really fast than normal, too me! I don't know why i tend to avoid certain topics when people starts talking about crushes, liking and even more i would just walk away or even talk about something else. I just love or like to browse thru shemale or i dont know's facebook cause i just tend to do it and i act weird really weird. My feelings are really confusing nowadays and after reading his msn messagers i tend think about it or i feel really curious after reading them but i tried to tell myself not to think about it cause friends around me are telling me not to fall into this but its feelings i cant really do a thing about it rite? so i think i am still an idiot and i have not realise anything about this yet , i guess.

-love ya-

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am an idiot!

As some may have notice that i am now always getting pissed very easily and blushing really often these days especially those who are really close to me or my blog readers and my plurkers. I don't like to share my feelings on facebook cause i just don't like too , i feel wrong after posting there somehow.

I just love too write down or spill my feelings out of myself here cause i think or i may feel this blog is a part of my life now so i just love to write it down or note it down here.

These days, i love too say these few words if you do realise
"i don't know la!"
"Don't ask me!"
"yea, right!"
"I am gonna break down in a while."

These few words i uses it really often. I use it cause not that i dont know the answer or i am stress out but i just have no idea where my fellings or where i should place myself today or right now or even i was just flustered or perplexed or indignant or SOMETHING. I was just confused. When I talked to people, I just kept saying I don't know over and over again.

Now, i could place myself here is because i think this is the right time to just not this down that i am an idiot or maybe cause he just doesnt know i am having a blog or even he is now busy or he doesnt sign in or log on to the computer.

Two to three weeks ago, i did something really stupid and unexpectedly but i am not gonna say it here cause its stupid. And we were just mutual friends or even a s and j relationship or even just a school mate. I seriously didnt expect myself to be an idiot seriously idiotic idiot.


It took me a while to digest what people had commented about or i can say i took me a while to find a name to name this as now i found i would call this "HAPPYDY-SADNESS" Okay i know this sound really really wrong but this is the only word i can find now, at least so!

When u see a guy , as a girl u oftenly smile and walk down the street happily or u can act shy and walk off. Thats what girls normally do.

But, i have never known that feelings before can ended up being so confused . Like a LAMB. LAMB! you know what is LAMB??

Today, there's something happen but i don't know what is it like to explain it but i guess its just some kind of feelings. If you wanna know more jjust drop by here more often or even msn with me or even email me! if my email doesnt hate you! HAHA!!

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