Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bubbly's 2011 Resolutions.

Sorry guys, I have promise to do this and post this up yesterday but I didn't as I was busy the whole day long in malls!
Anyway, I am back rite?
So here is
Bubbly's 2011 Resolutions.* this took me years to do this!-haha

Definitely study harder in form4.
Study harder in Japanese.-in Beginner1-2010/12
Make my blog a better place!
Pay more attention / put more time in dancing.
Be more confident!
Learn more make-up skills as I am still not that good in it.
Lose weight 
♥STOP drinking coffee and tea as they contain caffein!-makes me grow shorter!
Save more money as i have been spending alot in 2010!
sell unwanted things / buy things only on checklist!
Strive to be more happy at all times!
Try to be reading more of the bible- as in that way I can be closer to GOD.
Have a HEALTHY relationship with my family and friends!
interact with more people in real life than just sitting infront of the computer.

So that's it! If you wanna know how my2010! is like
read this:MY 2010!♥

I have been doing resolutions for nearly every year but none of them actually succeed so I hope this year will be an exception!


May your 2011 be a blessed one!


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