Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNY- boredom

It is CNY!!! It suppose to be happy but it turns out to be the other way is kinda boring on da first day, but nevermind...
i am not very close to my mother's side but still have to see each other..Haihz. They kinda pissed me off sometimes but fine wih dat.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Carmen is GONE!

Carmen is gone during the second week of school, she changed school ady, she changed to a government school SMK TMN DESA. Last time we were the three muskerteers but now left only two thats me and Suyesha. We will still keep in touch and meet up all the time. But i still feel sad sometimes cause last time use to be the three of us but know left the two of use , it is not as fun as last time anymore. Carmen is a really nice and kind girl but now i can still feel it but feel it even deeper.SOB SOB..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My spare time.

During my spare time , i write my stories that based on my personal life and my time with my best friends as well. My stories are quite normal but intresting, if intrested email me then i will send it to you and you can read it. The other way, is i am gonna publish it when i finish writing, i am gonna send it to a publishing company and hope they can print it for me and even publish it . If anyone read my blog, saw this, if your family or friends work in the publishing company tell me, okay?

School year 2009-form 2 ady.

New school year ady it is 2009, and that means i am getting older and now i am form 2 that means i am 14.
In my form got a few people change school, i am not very sure how many people but one thing i am very sure
that, my best friend CARMEN changed school also, she leave me and Suyesha behind, sob**...sob**..

Guess what class i am in, i am in 2M! Not that bad, at least it is better then my former class 1K. My class teacher
is Pn. Kasthuri she teaches me History better than Miss Chuah la at least. My class monitor is Bryan( kinda naughty), asst.monitor is Tsu hiao Yee. They are not that bad la,but i still think that me and wei onn did better
last year.

Neverminda la, i this year not gonna be monitor cause wanna be prefect. I took the form from Mrs.Kang ady, filled up and hand in ady, hope got choosen la.

Let me tell who is my teachers::

history-Pn Kasthuri
geographi-Pn Jaya
english(set 2)-Mrs Jeeva
malay(set2)-Pn. Thas
Moral-cik Ain
PSV-Pn Zakiah
Science-Mr. Dominic
BK-Mrs Jeeva
PJK-Mr. Eugene
Maths-Ms Tan

thats all for now!
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